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Fred Young

Health & Safety Consultant

"Helpful by nature", Fred Young is a powerful health and safety partner in the agricultural sector in his role as Consultant with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS). He says it was a natural fit when he began working with Ontario's Farm Safety Association before amalgamation with WSPS, when a farming accident hit close to home. Now in the field for more than 25 years, he’s made it his mission to help farmers take a proactive approach to safety to keep them, their families, and their workers safe.

Saving lives and preventing injury; thats what motives me every day,

he says. Fred assists farmers to identify safety dangers and provides the training and resources necessary to control them; from working at heights to machine guarding to violence and harassment. His trusted expertise is also called upon in the manufacturing and service sectors.

“I recall hearing how a young lad who attended one of my safety sessions was faced with a hazardous situation not more than a week later. He remembered the grain auger demonstration, heeded my words and averted a potentially life altering accident. Those are the success stories that bring the greatest job satisfaction.”

While believing strongly in the importance of health & safety, Fred also appreciates and respects the time people give him, and strives to make training interactive and enjoyable for them.

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