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Dean Anderson

Strategic Advisory, Agricultural Initiatives

Talking about safety is where prevention starts; that’s a guiding principle for Dean, Strategic Advisor, Agricultural Initiatives at Workplace Safety & Prevention Services. From his role as CEO of the former Farm Safety Association through multiple positions at WSPS, Dean has spent his career getting conversations started and ensuring health and safety remains at the heart of the discussion.

Most farm injuries are predictable and preventable. He says. Its much easier to talk about safety and help prevent an injury from happening than it is to deal with the consequences.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture, Dean is a Professional Agrologist with a strong commitment to keeping farmers and farm workers safe. Through his many years of experience, Dean has become a recognized and trusted authority in the sector, forging meaningful relationships with trade associations and other safety organizations. He understands the immense power of collaboration, sharing his expertise with the FarmSafe Foundation and the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association including several terms as chair. His many contributions have earned him a reputation as an inspirational leader.

“Supporting this sector is what attracted me to work in the area of health & safety. Working with farmers to keep their farms safe is what keeps me here. “

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