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Carolann Quinlan-Smith

Specialized Consultant

As artificial intelligence and automation continue to shape the future of the industrial landscape, Carolann is sharply focused on the human factors. Beyond her role as a Specialized Consultant in Machine Safety and Robotics with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, she shares her expertise as a recognized speaker and contributing author on the impact of human-robot collaboration.

The field of industrial automation is constantly changing and progressing towards more intelligent systems that improve the performance and safety of human workers. The design of these systems need to be compatible for human-machine collaboration and respectful of fundamental human values - this area of research is what excites me.

Carolann is a Certified Machine Safety Expert (TÜV Nord) and a Canadian Registered Safety Professional who actively participates on the ISO TC299/WG3 (ISO 10218) International Robot Standard Committee and is a member of the Women in Occupational Health & Safety Society. She was a contributing author to "The 21st Century Industrial Robot: When Tools Become Collaborators” and is a regular speaker at the A3 (Association for Advancing Automation) International Robot Safety Conference. Her passion and drive, she says, comes from:

“Being part of a team of highly skilled health and safety professionals who share a common goal of assisting Ontario workplaces in the prevention of traumatic injuries and workplace fatalities.”

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