The prevention system partners work collaboratively to support safe and healthy Ontario workplaces.

Roles of the System Partners

Health & Safety System PartnersMinistry of Labour
The MOL is responsible to enforce the Occupational health and Safety Act, Employment Standards Act and accompanying Regulations.

Workplace Safety Insurance Board
The WSIB is responsible for providing workers' compensation to Ontario workers and no-fault insurance for Ontario's employers. The WSIB is governed by the WSI Act and they enforce the Regulation 1101 First Aid.

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services
WSPS is focused on prevention of workplace injury and illness.

Other system partners include:

  • Infrastructure Health & Safety Association
  • Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers
  • Office of Employer Advisor
  • Public Services Health & Safety Association
  • Workers Health & Safety Centre
  • Workplace Safety North

New! Small Business Toolkit
Small Business Toolkit (1800 KB PDF)

For more information visit Ontario Ministry of Ontario Health and Safety Partners.


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