Investing in workplace health and safety is an investment in your employees and your business success.
Benefits of investing in health and safety can include:

  • Positive trends with employee morale and turnover
  • Reduction in sick days
  • Consistent customer service
  • Stable production  
  • Positive impact on business reputation and brand capital
  • Competitive advantage for recruiting new talent
  • Lower WSIB costs

Consequences of neglecting health and safety can include:

  • Injury, illness and property damage
  • Time and cost of MOL order and investigations
  • Time and cost of WSIB claims submission
  • Increased WSIB costs
  • Overtime costs to cover lost production of injured worker
  • Time to replace skilled workers due to injury, illness and turnover
  • Negative impact on business reputation and brand capital

It will take some time to develop the requirements for your health and safety program. The WSPS small business centre has been designed to help make this process easier by providing you with the information and resources you’ll need to get started. And remember, the first step is to demonstrate your own commitment to health and safety by setting the example in your workplace.
When you have questions, call or email, and a WSPS representative will be happy to assist you.


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