eLearning Step by Step


Step 1: Ordering an eCourse with WSPS

At WSPS.ca, visit the course catalogue and choose the course you’d like to purchase by clicking 'View Details' on the course catalogue page. Enter the total number of licenses (seats) and select 'Add to cart'. You can now add additional eCourses to the shopping cart or proceed to checkout.

eLearning order course

Step 2: Select a Learner or Administrator License

Step 2 of the purchasing process is selecting whether you would like a Single Learner License (Learner) or a Multi-Learner License (Administrator). Choose the Single Learner License when you are buying courses for yourself. The courses will be added to your existing Single Learner Account, if you already have one, otherwise a new account will be created for you.

Most will choose the Multi-Learner (Administrator) license option. This option is for those who want to buy courses and assign them to other people in their organization. The courses will be added to your existing Multi-Learner Account, if you already have one, otherwise a new account will be created. The Multi-Learner License allows the purchaser to assign the courses to another person(s) within the Learning Management System.

Make your selection and click next.

eLearning select your licence

Step 3: Payment Options - Credit Card or Purchase Order

In the drop down menu titled 'Select Payment Method', the options are either Credit Card or Purchase Order. If you have purchase terms with us, and want to order through a Purchase Order, this is where you will enter the information. An invoice will be sent to your company using the Billing Address that was entered in Step 4.

To use the Purchase Order option, you must have "Terms" set up with WSPS. Please contact customercare@wsps.ca to obtain the Credit Terms Application Form.

eLearning payment screenshot

Step 4: Order Completion and Setup

Your order is now complete and your new Learning Management System and eCourse additions will be setup automatically. You will receive an email confirmation containing your order summary and details on how to access the LMS and your eCourse(s).

eLearning order completed

Step 5: Accessing your eCourses and Learning Management System

1. Sign into WSPS. Click into 'My Account'.

WSPS sign in

2. In the navigation panel to the left, the last item will be "My eLearning". Click on "My eLearning".

My eLearning access

3. You will now be on the My eLearning page. You will need the account settings stated here to access the eLearning portal and your courses (Step 6).

My eLearning learner settings

Step 6: Managing eCourses and Learners

Access the eLearning portal at http://www.vubiz.com/wsps/ (using the Group Customer ID and Password from Step 5).

eLearning managing courses login

Administrator tasks:

For all administration functionality, you need to access the 'Administration' tab. 

1. Assign Learners. In this section, you can assign individual learners. If you have a large amount of learners, we can assist with a bulk upload. Please contact customercare@wsps.ca for information on the bulk uploading of learners.

Learning Management System screenshot

eLearning add a learner

2. Learners Receive an Email Confirmation (See Sample Below)

Dear XXX

Thank you for purchasing the XXX e-course. Below is the information you need to access your e-course.  Access will be available until MMM DD, 20YY.


To sign in:

  1. Open your Web browser (IE 9 or higher preferred).
  2. Type http://vubiz.com/wsps as the URL and hit the Enter key.
  3. Turn off any pop-up blockers that may be active in your browser. To disable pop-up blockers, please see the FAQ page and "how to disable pop-up blockers". http://www.wsps.ca/Shop/eLearning/eLearning-FAQs.aspx
  4. Click on the "e-course Login" link located in the left-hand sidebar.
  5. Under the Single User Login box, type in your Password (see above).
  6. Click "Login".
  7. Click on the “My Content” tab
  8. Click on the “Launch” button in the far right column to open the module or exam.

To log out of the current session, click the Sign Off tab at the top of the screen. You may start a new session by following the instructions above.

3. Monitor Activity (Reports)

Access the 'Administration' tab to view reports on individual learner activity.

LMS activity report

eLearning activity report

For additional information, please contact WSPS customer care at 1-877-494-WSPS (9777) or customercare@wsps.ca.