A Growing Problem - Health and Safety Hazards in the Cannabis industry

A Growing Problem - Health and Safety Hazards in the Cannabis industry

Complimentary 1 hour information session on health and safety hazards in cultivation, processing and distribution of Cannabis delivered via webinar. (pre-recorded)

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WSPS Occupational Hygiene Specialist Kelly Fernandes reviews health and safety hazards involved in the cultivation, processing and distributing of Cannabis with a focus on occupational hygiene hazards - exposure to chemical hazards, skin irritation and sensitization, air quality assessment and sampling, other biological hazards. Relevant legislation is also identified and discussed.

Topics Include

Overall health and safety issues in the industry, experiences of our occupational hygiene team in working with Cannabis producers, first steps in addressing the hazards, relevant legislation.

Upon completion, you will be able to

Understand the hazards involved in cultivating, processing and distributing Cannabis and begin to develop a health and safety program to address them.

Recommended for

Companies engaged in cultivating, processing and distributing Cannabis.

Delivery method

Please Note:
This is a complimentary, pre-recorded one-hour webinar. After registration, you will be delivered an email confirmation containing instructions on how to view the presentation.

Initial broadcast date: Thursday, November 7, 2019.

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