Managing Hazards & Risks (1/2 day)

Managing Hazards & Risks (1/2 day)

UPDATED & IMPROVED! Proactively manage the hazards and risks in your workplace with a proven method and practical tool.

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This half-day instructor-led course explains the principles of hazard and risk management and provides participants with an easy-to-use process and tool for conducting this key OHS activity.

Incidents from workplace hazards can be costly for employers and employees alike. Workplaces that take a risk-based approach to managing hazards can more effectively and efficiently control those hazards. A process that engages workplace parties and zeroes in on the highest risk hazards can also significantly reduce risks and costs.

Employers and supervisors also have a legal duty to take all reasonable precautions to protect workers. The only way to effectively carry out this duty is through a sound hazard and risk management program. In Ontario, proposed amendments to the Industrial Establishments regulation would make it mandatory for certain employers (those with 20 or more regularly employed workers) to conduct risk assessments. Irrespective of this development, managing hazards and risks makes good business sense.


Participants are required to download the IRS Primer and read it before the start of the course.

Delivery method

This course is delivered in a public classroom and/or can also be delivered in an on-site location.

Please contact Customer Care at 905-614-1400 or 1-877-494-WSPS (9777) for more information about availability and on-site pricing.

Topics include

  • Review of the internal responsibility system (IRS).
  • Definitions and categories of hazards.
  • Value of managing hazards and risks.
  • Recognize-Assess-Control-Evaluate (RACE) model.
  • Using the Hazard Management Tool.

Upon completion, you will be able to

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers for hazard management under the Occupational Health & Safety Act.
  • List the types of health and safety hazards.
  • Apply the process of recognizing, assessing and controlling hazards and risks, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of hazard controls, using the practical Hazard Management Tool.
  • Explain the importance of ongoing monitoring of workplace hazards, risks and controls.

Recommended for

This solution is suitable for all WSPS sectors that are regulated by Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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