Conducting Office Ergonomic Assessments (1 day)

Conducting Office Ergonomic Assessments (1 day)
This comprehensive workshop includes proven methodology and practical hands-on training. Currently available for on-site location delivery.
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This comprehensive ergonomic workshop provides participants with a proven methodology that identifies root cause problems in a practical hands-on training environment.

Participants will learn an effective and efficient way of completing office ergonomics assessments highlighting issues that contribute to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). This workshop emphasizes methods to recognize, assess and determine practical solutions for MSD risks.



Delivery method

This course is delivered in a public classroom and/or can also be delivered in an on-site location.

Please contact Customer Care at 905-614-1400 or 1-877-494-WSPS (9777) for more information about availability and on-site pricing.

Topics include

  • Overview of MSD risk factors/hazards
  • Attributes of work station (chair, keyboard and mouse, monitor, workstation organization, and more)
  • Recognizing office workstation hazards
  • Steps for in-depth assessment
  • Controls for hazards

Upon completion, you will be able to

  • Identify their roles in a successful, proactive ergonomics initiative understand the process of identifying the actual problem
  • Recognize and prioritize office equipment challenges and select appropriate office equipment and accessories to address those challenges
  • Conduct basic office ergonomics awareness training programs emphasizing simple, commonsense principles

Target audience

Intended for people who work in offices, design or inspect office work areas, or purchase office workstations and equipment. Ideal for health and safety coordinators, JHSC members, human resources managers and company owners.
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