Agricultural Safety Tools on USB (English and Spanish)

Agricultural Safety Tools on USB (English and Spanish)
Health and safety awareness and training tools for seasonal temporary workers in the Agricultural sector.






Each year in Ontario, agricultural employers hire foreign temporary workers for seasonal work, the majority of whom come from Mexico. As a farm owner, operator or manager, you are responsible for the safety of everyone who lives, works or visits your workplace. A key challenge you may face is to ensure workers with low literacy skills or understanding of English are properly equipped with the knowledge to be able to work safely.

Agricultural Safety Tools on USB (English and Spanish) provide you with the resources to assist in creating a safe workplace. These solutions help you provide, or reinforce, awareness of common hazards in the agricultural sector, in particular for seasonal and temporary workers.

Content has been developed by Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) with input from Agriculture industry representatives and made possible through a funding grant from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) "Growing Forward 2" program.

During the introductory period, employers can request a USB flash drive containing all of the following resources at no charge. Place an order today to receive your copy!

  • 46 Safety Topics: 2-3 page information handouts targeted to supervisors to provide them with health and safety awareness they need to be able to discuss safety with their employees.
  • 16 Hazard-Specific Tailgate Talks: short 10-15 minute hands-on conversation pieces. Supervisors can use these to deliver awareness talks on-site.
  • Health and Safety Awareness for Seasonal Agricultural Workers: Includes a PowerPoint file and Presenter's Manual. Training takes about 3 hours and includes exercises and a final quiz. Topics cover: Responsibilities; Hazards/Hazard Identification and Control; Inspections; Accident Management and Communication.
  • Orientation for the Seasonal Worker in the Agricultural Industry: Includes an orientation video and Participant’s Guide for workers to follow along.

Upon completion, you will be able to

  • Provide basic information to workers so they can recognize hazards or issues in the workplace and take necessary actions to work safely.
  • Increase their own health and safety knowledge.
  • Have tools and resources to deliver health and safety talks and orientation sessions to workers.



Target audience

  • Employers who hire seasonal Spanish-speaking workers in the Agricultural sector.
  • Ontario farm operators and owners.
  • Supervisors, managers, lead hands and crew leads.

Delivery method

Limit of 1 USB per customer.