WSPS Safety Connection (2 hours)

Providing an energizing forum where health and safety professionals can connect, exchange ideas and share best practices in health and safety.

WSPS Safety Connection (2 hours)
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Learn. Share. Discover.

Our new WSPS Safety Connection events are hosted at various locations across the province and showcase timely topics in health and safety, such as Workplace Mental Health, Occupational Hygiene (Noise), Accreditation, Falls from Heights, the Future of Robotics, and many others.

Join us, and together, we'll turn ideas into actions that will take health and safety in your workplace to the next level.

Why should you attend?

  • Stay up-to-date on legislative updates, new and emerging hazards, and trending topics in health & safety.
  • Engage in forward thinking discussions, gain knowledge and discover new approaches from industry colleagues.
  • Network with like minded professionals.


Plus…it's available to Health & Safety Professionals at no charge!

Session descriptions

Breaking down mental health barriers and reducing stigma in workplaces will be the topic of this stimulating discussion. This session will provide the participant with an understanding of where they are at in their workplace mental health journey and what tools can take them to next level. You will explore ideas, share best practices and highlight some of the available resources that workplaces can use in support of improving workplace mental health.

  • Look for Mental Health in schedule below.

The legalization of recreational cannabis that came into effect on October 17, 2018 requires Ontario employers to prepare for a new regulatory landscape. Join us for this informative and interactive session that includes an overview of the new cannabis legislation, implications and risks involved, as well as next steps for employers to consider in their workplaces.

  • Look for Cannabis in schedule below.

Employers generally want to hire individuals who will:

  • be productive workers;
  • keep the job in which they are placed;
  • progress in skill level and to;
  • achieve the best results.
But what happens if the cognitive demands exceed the capabilities of the person or if those capabilities are reduced due to some sort of impairment? These are types of questions we tackle in this interactive presentation and discussion focusing on how employers can evaluate safety sensitive jobs and how they can determine what cognitive demands are required to perform the job successfully.


  • Look for CognitiveDemand in schedule below.

Year after year falls continue to be the second largest cause of traumatic fatalities in Ontario. In this interactive session we will consider how best to prevent fall related fatalities and injuries and discuss the legislative and practical application of working at heights training in industrial and construction workplaces.

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Robots are rapidly becoming cheaper, smaller and smarter. In this interactive session we will explore some of the dangers of working with robots, some relevant safety legislation and aspects of standards, and how these may affect the safeguarding of robotic equipment in the near future.

  • Look for Robot Safety in schedule below.

WSIB will be launching its new Health & Safety Excellence program in 2020. The new program will be a WSIB performance-based rewards program integrating the strengths of the previous WSIB Small Business, Safety Groups and Workwell programs. This new model provides a clear road map for Ontario businesses to improve workplace health and safety. Join us for this interactive session to get more information from the WSIB and find out how WSPS can help you on your journey. Whether you are just getting started or want to optimize systems and processes you already have in place, the Excellence program can help you reach your goals.

  • Look for HSE Programs in schedule below.

Everyone has a role to play in keeping workplaces healthy and safe but do Employers, Supervisors and Workers know what their responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace are? Do you have an effective IRS in place and do Supervisors and JHSC members know their roles and responsibilities? When JHSC members and Supervisors work together workplace culture improves, the workplace is more productive and ultimately safer for everyone. In this interactive session we will discuss the duties of Employers, Supervisors and Workers and address some of challenges while learning from others best practices in building a strong JHSC.

  • Look for JHSC in schedule below.

Managers have the responsibility to create productive and safe work environments, free from injuries, illnesses and fatalities that affect the work place. In this interactive session, we will discuss work place training your organization needs to fulfill its health and safety responsibilities. Participants will also discuss challenges and learn from others some of the best practices for keeping their managers educated, motivated and engaged to apply their health and safety training on the job, as well as transfer this knowledge to their employees. Participants will be given the opportunity to evaluate their current state, so they have a greater understanding of any gaps in health and safety training of managers in their work place and are able to identify action steps to take moving forward.

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This session will explore the topic of Managing Risk given our new legislative landscape (WSIB Rate, HSEP Programs, Accreditation), discuss how companies can navigate these changes, what this means for their organization and how can they best prepare.

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Want to know more about trends in workplace accidents and incidents and upcoming MOL Blitzes? Join us for an interactive session with a local Ministry of Labour Inspector and/or Employment Standards Officer, to learn more about new and emerging hazards, exchange ideas and share best practices for keeping your staff healthy and safe in your workplace.

  • Look for MOL Hot Topics in schedule below.

Do you know your health and safety responsibilities? Join us for an interactive session that will introduce Simple Safety Solutions for the hospitality industry. This session will focus on:

  • A starting point for information where you can access complimentary Health & Safety resources/tools to assist you with improving your small business (health & safety policy, safety checklist, etc.)
  • Showcasing a few example of the different sections that reflect legal requirements.
  • Take way resources to use as reference in your workplace.
  • Look for Roadmap in schedule below.

How do you ensure pedestrian safety inside and outside your workplace? Preventing pedestrian incidents by physically separating them from lift truck and truck traffic is the best approach. However, this is not always possible as work duties may require pedestrians to walk and work around vehicle traffic.

Join us for this interactive session and together we will explore the risks associated with pedestrians walking amongst vehicles, ways to minimize these risks and share strategies for managing the flow of pedestrian and industrial vehicle traffic in your work environment.

  • Look for Pedestrian H&S in schedule below.

Event Information:

  • Refreshments (Coffee/Tea/Water) & Registration: 30 minutes prior to meeting
  • Facilitated presentation - 2 hours in length with 15 minute break
  • Encourages an open exchange with Q&As, scenarios and table groups discussions
  • This event is not a training session

Recommended for:

These events are suitable for all WSPS members and customers within any industry who wish to expand their health and safety knowledge, share best practices and network with their peers.

  • Health & Safety Professionals
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Health & Safety Representatives
  • H&S Coordinators
  • HR Professionals
  • Operational Leaders
  • Joint Health & Safety Committee Members