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November 5-6, 2019

Dr. Greg Wells

Day 1 Morning Keynote Speaker: Dr. Greg Wells

Imagine if work was a place where you went to get healthier and perform to your potential...

Jamie Mason Cohen

Day 1 Luncheon Keynote Speaker: Jamie Mason Cohen

What Your Signature Says About Your Leadership Style

Tony Gareri

Day 2 Morning Keynote Speaker: Tony Gareri

Jump Start Your Culture & Boost Your Leadership

Graham Sherman

Day 2 Luncheon Keynote Speaker: Graham Sherman

Unleashing Your Disruptive Behaviour

Conference Schedule

Day 1 - November 5, 2019

Dr. Greg WellsDr. Greg Wells

CTV Sport Science Analyst and Human Physiologist, Bestselling Author

Imagine if work was a place where you went to get healthier and perform to your potential...

The world is faced with four inter-related epidemics - sleeplessness, obesity, inactivity and mental illness. Fortunately, the scientific answers to these problems are available today. Sleep soundly. Eat Smarter. Move More. Think Clearly.

In this keynote, Dr. Wells presents the scientific solution to these global challenges. Using stories, research and simple tactics, Dr. Wells clearly outlines how to improve your health, supercharge your life and ultimately reach your full potential.

This presentation is based on Dr. Wells' new book The Ripple Effect.

Smoke-Free Ontario Act & Emerging Trends

Mike Duranceau, Tobacco Enforcement Officer, Thunder Bay District Health Unit
Amanda Elder, Tobacco Enforcement Officer, Thunder Bay District Health Unit

This session will cover the new legislative changes in the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and regulations that came into effect October 2018. The legislation now includes prohibited use of vaping and cannabis and the presentation will have emphasis on workplaces. It will include information on emerging products and trends of e-cigarettes and vaping.

Fatigue Management: Understanding Your Sleep Needs in Context of Shift Work, Work-Life Balance and Risk

Dr. Sandra Dorman, Ph.D., B.Sc., Director, Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health (CROSH)
The 24-hour workplace schedule is becoming the global norm. Humans are not well adapted to work outside of nocturnal sleep patterns. This lecture will review our understanding of normal sleep patterns and how standard shift schedules impact a person's sleep. Dr. Dorman will discuss the importance of protecting sleep time, particularly in light of high-risk tasks (e.g. driving while fatigued) and opportunities for workplaces to support workers and prevent fatigue-related incidents.

Physical and Cognitive Job Demands and Health in an Aging Workforce

Ayden Robertson, MHK R.Kin. Health & Safety Consultant, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)
Across Ontario, musculoskeletal disorders remain among the most common workplace injuries. In the wake of increasing mental health awareness and legislation, workplace mental stress claims are on the rise. The effects of musculoskeletal disorders and mental stress are not confined to the workplace, and with an aging workforce these injuries can have lasting consequences into retirement. This session will explore the importance of understanding the physical and cognitive demands of jobs in the workplace, and highlight proactive strategies to promote optimal physical and mental health throughout the careers of workers.

Noise and Hearing Protection

Doug Brown, CRSP, Consultant, Workplace Safety North (WSN)
Noise is the Rodney Dangerfield of Occupational Disease. "It gets no respect!" Join this session to go deep inside the human ear to see how noise effects our hearing and understand the importance of protecting our hearing. Discussion will include legislation, health effects associated with noise exposures, exploring methods of measuring and assessing noise as well as methods of controlling noise exposures in your workplace. Finally, participants will be challenged to identify what is being said as it sounds to a person who has moderate to high frequency hearing loss; to a person who has flat hearing loss; and to a person who wears hearing aids. Will you pass the test?

Worldviews and Work Views: How Generations Develop and Why It Matters at Work

Tova Larsen, B.Sc (Hon), Consultant, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)
Demographic, economic, and sociological forces, unprecedented technological advances, and even shifts in educational theory have all radically shaped how the six generations in the workplace view the world and view work. In this session we will discuss how and why these generations become who they are to build understanding and empathy for every generation, confront stereotypes and ageism head-on, and learn why not all the gaps we perceive as generational really are. Participants will leave with a toolbox of skills and strategies to build bridges, manage and motivate workers of every age and career stage.

Take Charge of Your Health: Cancer Prevention and Screening

Kelly-Jo Gillis, HBKin, M.Sc, Manager, Prevention Health Services, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
Dr. Nicole Zavagnin, MD, CCFP, Northwest Primary Care Lead, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

How many individuals have been affected by cancer in Northwestern Ontario? Unfortunately, the answer is 'too many'. This is concerning, especially since half of diagnosed cancers are linked to preventable causes. Participants will learn why and how to get screened for cancer including FIT, the new test in Ontario for colon cancer, and explore evidence based steps to take that will lower the risk of cancer.

Jamie Mason CohenJamie Mason Cohen

Leadership & Performance Expert

What Your Signature Says About Your Leadership Style

We could all benefit from receiving an accurate, unbiased and different snapshot of our weaknesses and strengths to help us grow.

Join 20-year handwriting analyst, grapho-therapist and certified leadership trainer at The Leadership Circle, Jamie Mason Cohen as he explores why performance reviews don't work, what we need to do instead, and how to use simple, unconventional and effective self-assessment tools to bring out the potential in every individual in your organization.

The audience will leave feeling recognized for the unique individuals that they are without discounting the success they've already had. Learn how to identify weaknesses and strengths on the spot to help gain a new level of self-awareness through handwriting traits; real business world strategies to deploy strengths wisely to encourage growth. A prescriptive, one-on-one speed handwriting analysis after the talk that can lead to breakthrough "aha!" moments in your life.

A Day in the Life of a Supervisor: Do You Measure Up? (Part One)

Michelangelo LaSelva, National Account Manager, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)
It is not easy being a supervisor today in Ontario. With all the demands of the job, do you have the knowledge and time to meet your legislative requirements? In this session, we will discuss what a "competent supervisor" should know and what they should be doing daily to protect their workers and themselves. This interactive session promises to be educational and fun with stories from the trenches, case study examples, and tips and tricks that will help you survive daily issues that may arise.

Investigations of Harassment: The Code of Practice

Jennifer Threndyle, Consultant, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)
The Code of Practice will be reviewed and discussed to learn how to conduct a harassment investigation. The reporting requirements, the steps of an effective investigation, communication methods (questioning), documenting and report writing. This session equips workplace parties with the basic knowledge, skills and tools to conduct harassment investigations as outlined in the Code of Practice.

Inspections Through a Different Lens

Louise Caicco Tett, MPH, CRSP, RN, President, Health & Safety Professionals Inc.
Mika Lees, Consultant, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)

You complete your workplace inspections every month just like you're supposed to but are you getting the most out of them? Join Louise Caicco Tett, a 20-year Basic Certification Training Facilitator, and Mika Lees, a Consultant from Workplace Safety & Prevention Services for an informative, fun, and practical discussion on workplace inspections.

Smart Phones and the Pursuit of Wellness (Part One)

Jim Lees, M.S.W., RSW, MBA, Social Worker/Private Consultant
Smartphones have been blamed for everything from shorter attention spans and depression to the destruction of our youngest workplace generation. One is left wondering where the truth ends and hysteria begins. This session examines what current research is telling us about the impact smartphone technology has on our behaviour, emotional life, physical selves, personal interaction and cognitive processes. We will consider the challenge we all face balancing the increasing demands for productivity and efficiency with the need to support and promote mental health and wellness of employees. To facilitate audience participation, please bring your phone, tablet or laptop as we will be doing polling during the session.

Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews Done Right

Miles Purvis, President, ProSafe Inc.
Michael Wilson, Machine Guarding Specialist, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)

Integrating health and safety early - at the design stage before the equipment is used and/or before modifications are undertaken - is a cost-effective and proactive way to prevent workplace illness or injury. The benefits are numerous, including direct savings from minimizing retrofitting; less downtime; and, most importantly, maintaining health and safety in the workplace. When a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) is triggered, the employer must ensure compliance with the applicable sections of the Industrial Establishments Regulation. After executing the PSR, all the measures identified in the PSR report must be taken before the apparatus, structure, protective element or process is used or operated. Attend this session to learn more about PSRs - when it's required, who is qualified to do PSRs, and more!

The Dawn of an Era: Bill C-65 and Workplace Harassment and Workplace Violence

Brad Smith, Partner, Weiler, Maloney, Nelson
Bill C-65 is an overhaul of the workplace harassment and violence provisions in the Canada Labour Code. Bill C-65 and its companion regulations impose significant and extensive duties on the employer including, but not limited to assessing the risk of workplace harassment and violence; preparing and implementing a policy; training specific to the culture, conditions and activities of the workplace; risk identification; responding to workplace harassment and violence; resolving and investigating workplace harassment and violence; and reporting obligations. This session will review and discuss these duties and what it holds for the future of all workplaces.

A Day in the Life of a Supervisor: Do You Measure Up? (Part Two)

Michelangelo LaSelva, National Account Manager, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)
Jennifer Threndyle, Consultant, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)

A continuation from Part One. Learn more about your supervisor responsibilities under the AODA and what role you play with specific legislation such as violence and harassment policies.

Leading Edge and Sharp Edge Fall Protection Applications

John Fuke, Fall Protection Technical Manager Personal Safety Division, 3M Canada Company
This session will discuss some of the challenges and solutions associated with leading edge and sharp edge fall protection equipment. Newer leading edge self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) enable users to tie off at their feet in situations where there is no anchor available above the user's head. However, many sharp edges exist on work sites which can cause extreme danger to the SRL in the event of a fall over a sharp edge. This session will share how leading edge SRLs are designed to protect the user and the lifeline itself, including the use of energy absorbers to enable an SRL to arrest the fall without damage or failure.

Smart Phones and the Pursuit of Wellness (Part Two)

Jim Lees, M.S.W., RSW, MBA, Social Worker/Private Consultant
Continuing from Part One, this session will examine strategies to deal with the more harmful impacts of smartphone technology. While few advocate throwing our phones away, we can adopt practices which leverage the power of the technology, while maintaining personal autonomy so that we can work and live more productively. Developing a healthier relationship with our smartphone is not a “one-size fits all” proposition and we will overview a range of concepts and approaches in order to provide participants with strategies that fit individual circumstances. To facilitate audience participation, please bring your phone, tablet or laptop as we will be doing polling during the session.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles, H&S Considerations for Work Travel

Tova Larsen, B.Sc (Hon), Consultant Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)
Whether across town or across the globe, employers have a duty to take every reasonable precaution to safeguard staff while traveling on business. This session will help you; identify the many types of travel safety risks for local, national, and international travel; assess the level of risk; and develop a strategy to keep staff safe from the moment they leave to the moment they return.

You Mean I’m Not Lazy? Changing the Conversation About Adult ADHD in the Workplace

Dr. Suzanne Chomycz, PhD, CPsych, Psychologist Sullivan + Associates Clinical Psychology
Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often goes undetected and undiagnosed. Unfortunately, it is too often mislabeled as laziness or incompetence. In fact, individuals with ADHD tend to work harder than everyone else just to keep up, yet still struggle to function at work. This session will discuss the symptoms and treatment of adult ADHD, including how it presents differently in women. It will also outline simple, yet effective strategies for improving attention, organization, and productivity in the workplace that are suitable for everyone.

The Changing World of Workplace Drug Testing: Empowering Companies Through Disruptive Oral Fluid Technologies

Rich Robillard, Managing Director, SBL Testing
Workplace drug testing is changing in Canada as there is a fundamental shift from traditional urine-based testing to disruptive oral fluid testing technologies. With the legalization of marijuana, the challenges employers face with drugs and alcohol in the workplace are more dynamic. Addressing these challenges requires multi-pronged strategies. New oral fluid testing technologies, specifically on-site instant screens, are increasingly becoming integral elements of successful strategies to address and mitigate workplace drug and alcohol risk. Attend this session to learn about the science of oral fluid testing technologies, how they are integrated within strategies and empowering companies in Canada, the difference between how employers and police implement oral fluid testing technologies, as well as available oral fluid technologies today.

Join us for one hour of networking to connect, exchange ideas and share best practices in health and safety.
Complimentary appetizers provided.

Thank you to the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering for sponsoring the appetizers for this networking reception.
Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

Day 2 - November 6, 2019

Tony GareriTony Gareri

President and CEO, Roma Moulding

Jump Start Your Culture & Boost Your Leadership

Tony Gareri is driven by the belief that your time on earth is truly limited, so spend it doing something great! Whatever you choose, do it well - don't settle for okay, so-so, pretty good, or mediocre. As President and CEO of Roma Moulding, Tony believes workplace happiness should be a right and not a privilege. Today, Roma Moulding's company culture has attracted and attained some of the world's top talent. Their commitment to workplace culture is the engine of their growth and success. Today he's on a mission to help transform other businesses around the world. Company culture is his way of helping the world become a better place. By focusing on workplace happiness, that happiness seeps into our homes and schools, helping to make everyone's life a whole lot more powerful and happy!

Safe Winter Driving

Constable Kevin Green, Ontario Provincial Police
The Ontario Provincial Police are committed to being a leader in road safety. Winter driving can sometimes be a stressful situation so hear first-hand from the OPP on best practices that you can use to help make yourself a safe winter driver. This session will also provide some additional information on the Highway Traffic Act and changes that have been made. This is an interactive session with some great stories and videos, so come prepared with your questions.

The Impact of Opioids in Your Community

Panel of Experts
Opioids have a long standing history in our society, however the health and safety risks associated to the drug are what's making headlines today. This session will analyzes the potential risks, health impacts and workplace safety concerns regarding the use of opioids. Find out what employers can do to reduce such risks, provide support to employees as well as their communities and prepare for the next generation of employees who may have been affected by opioids.

You've Received a Sexual Harassment Complaint: Now What?

Jennifer Threndyle, Consultant, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)
There has been a 136% increase in harassment complaints and a 114% increase in sexual harassment complaints in the first 10 months following the amendment to Sec. 32 in September 2016. This session will cover harassment and sexual harassment under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code. Best practices for minimizing the risk of harassment events and complaints will be discussed.

Ontario Electrical Safety Code 27th Edition: Understanding and Applying the New Requirements

Dr. Joel Moody, Director Safety Risk, Policy & Innovation, Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)
The 27th edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code has been finalized and came into effect as regulation on May 16, 2019. This new edition includes changes designed to enhance electrical safety and protect workers and the public. Changes include added requirements for Energy Storage systems and facilitating the use of Power over Ethernet to provide a pathway for sources of electricity, among other things. This session will help you understand and prepare for these changes before they come into effect. Electrical work conducted after the effective date needs to meet the new requirements.

Turning Your Health and Safety Orientation into Virtual Reality

Paul Giles, Senior Director, ORIGIN Recruitment
ImmersiveLink is a revolutionary way to demonstrate health and safety, orientate your staff effectively and safely to your job sites. ImmersiveLink allows your company to immerse your new employees by using this Virtual Reality product into real life active job sites, seeing first-hand how health and safety protocols are executed while on site. This session will review how the ImmersiveLink tool can train your employees like never before.

The Updated Canada's Food Guide

Megan Bellinger, RD, Public Health Dietitian, Healthy Living Program, Thunder Bay District Health Unit
Have you heard? Canada's Food Guide has been revamped! Today's guide has evolved and changed dramatically since the first Canada's Official Food Rules in 1942. With 12 years of new research and evidence since the last update in 2007, attend today's session to find out what has changed, what remains the same, and where to go for more information.

Ministry of Labour Priorities 2019-2020

Margaret Cernigoj, Director of Northern Region, Ministry of Labour (MOL)
This session will familiarize you with the Ministry of Labour's role in workplace safety and the Safe at Work Ontario compliance strategy. Hear more about the Ministry of Labour's priorities for 2019-2020, the dates for upcoming compliance initiatives, and highlights from the Ministry sector plans and what makes the North unique.

Bill C-45 After 15 Years

Brad Smith, Partner, Weiler, Maloney, Nelson
It has been more than 15 years since the Criminal Code was amended to include specific obligations with respect to workplace safety and how to convict an organization. Since then, there have been several cases. The court is defining the approach to criminal prosecutions for workplace safety and the penalties. This session discusses the use of health and safety legislation in criminal prosecutions; the meaning of criminal negligence; the application of the organizational test; sentencing for Bill C-45 offences; and how the use of the criminal law to address workplace safety may develop or evolve.

Your Roadmap for Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)
The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) has a new Health and Safety Excellence Program (HSEP) that integrates its three current programs (Small Business, Safety Groups and Workwell) into one. The new program provides a clear roadmap for businesses to improve workplace safety, whether they are just getting started or want to optimize what they already have. This session will provide you with a business case for health and safety, how to create a roadmap and the benefits and rewards of the new program. The presenter will also touch on trends and emerging issues in health and safety related to municipalities, as well as updates and changes related to the WSIB and Ministry of Labour.

Navigating Contractor Safety in Your Community

Shannan Boston, Consultant, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)
Whether your community is in need of a road repair, maintenance work at a school or has plans for a new construction build, chances are hiring a contractor may be required. Do you understand the process, legal requirements, documentation and safety protocol in hiring contract workers? This session will discuss best practice approach to implementing an effective contractor safety strategy; address federal vs provincial jurisdiction issues (how and when legislation applies), examine current enforcement laws and outline support resources to assist in the planning process.

The "Now What?" to Safety: Retaining and Applying Learning Outcomes

Pamela Patry, Account Manager, Health & Safety Consultant, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)
Whether attending a training session or a conference, learning about health and safety can be overwhelming. So what can you do to retain important learning objectives long after the training event ends and the reality of every day work sets in? In this session, you will be introduced to tools and templates like creating an action plan to implement key learnings and a needs assessment checklist of items you always wanted to 'get done'. Hazard management tools and other support templates will be discussed to help guide you along the way.

You've Had a Critical Incident at Work: What Now?

Dr. Sara Hagstrom, C.Psych, Clinical Psychologist, St. Joseph's Care Group, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Work can start out just like any other day and quickly transition into a setting where you might have to engage safety protocols, triage response, and manage staff. These types of situations are often unpredictable and sudden such as a major medical event at your workplace of a staff or public member, death of a coworker, workplace accidents, and potential aggression or terrorism activities from the public. While reaction is a necessary component, preaction may be the key to reducing mental stress and impact. Learn about what you can do to plan and prepare for critical situations at work.

Graham ShermanGraham Sherman, Co-Owner

Tool Shed Brewing Company

Unleashing Your Disruptive Behaviour

The concept of "Disruptive Marketing" has become so buzz-wordy that we often mistake simply being "innovative" with being disrupting.

Truly standing out in a tough economy, against monster-sized competition requires the use of part of our brains we don't often access. In fact, we've been taught to suppress our disruptive behaviour since childhood - but now it's time to harness those powers of disruption for the benefit of successes as entrepreneurs.

Graham Sherman has been shaking things up since he worked on private-sector government and military contracts throughout Afghanistan, to when he began brewing beer and changing the game for small breweries across Alberta.

Tool Shed Brewing Company's unique approach to disrupting the market has led to it being nominated for Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year; being named as Calgary's "Top 40 under 40"; and the brewery's position in the top five percent of breweries in North America.

After hearing Graham's story and insights, you'll walk away incredibly inspired and with a clear path to unleashing your own disruptive behaviour to transform your business.

Glove Safety is the New Normal

Jennifer Boychuk, Territory Manager Northern Region, Superior Glove
In the old days, a sign of toughness meant not wearing your safety gloves, but today glove safety is a part of our every day job. Superior Gloves is one of the largest glove manufacturers in the world who specialize in over 3,500 styles. Choosing the correct glove for the job is a critical decision in preventing serious injuries. Superior Gloves will walk you through identifying the hazards and the specific characteristics of each glove. This presentation will also focus on general glove safety, common misconceptions when selecting gloves for specific applications, identifying the hazards and the specific characteristics of gloves to ensure proper glove selection and fit.

The New World of Cannabis

Pamela Patry, Account Manager, Health & Safety Consultant, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)
Join us for an interactive session on cannabis in the workplace, the law and ways to protect yourself as an employer, your staff, your customers and your business. If you've got questions about how cannabis legalization will affect your business and employees, we've got the answers.

Big Help for Small Fleets and Small Business

Penny Belluz, Health and Safety Coordinator, Teleco
Geoff Miller, Vice President, Grid Link, High Voltage Division, Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA)

Even in small and medium businesses, vehicle incidents are the most probable way that your employees will get hurt on the job. The severity of injury in a vehicle incident is not worth the risk. Protect your investment today and hear first-hand from Grid Link and Teleco as they walk you through managing fleet safety and completing effective talilboards. Moderated by IHSA come prepared to share your tips and best practices with this interactive session.

Sweeping Combustible Dust Under the Rug is Not a Good Idea

Miles Purvis, President, ProSafe Inc.
Many industrial, mining, and agricultural processes involve a risk of ignition or explosion that creates a condition of imminent hazard to a person’s health or safety including the use of a dust collector that involves a risk of ignition or explosion. What defines a combustible dust? What are the control measures required by the Ontario Fire, Building, and Electrical Codes including NFPA Standards? This session will discuss the importance of PSRs related to easily ignitable dusts or processes that involve a risk of ignition with dusts produced by many processes, understanding the terminology, handling, control measures, documentation and overall what is expected.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Work

Kevin Anderson, C.F.E.I., Fire Prevention & Investigation, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue
Canadians die every year from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, everyone is at risk. The primary danger with CO, is that it cannot be easily detected. It's colourless, odourless, tasteless and toxic, and does not give its victims any advance warning. This session will discuss OHSA stats on exposure including typical occupations that may come into contact with CO. Learn about the different prevention measures employers need to have in place and the importance of training workers to understand the severity of this deadly chemical.

Call Before You Dig. No Matter How Small the Job!

Doug Gale, Construction Supervisor, Tbaytel
Digging near utilities can be very dangerous if a cable is damaged during a digging operation. Workers may be injured or even killed. Did you know it is the law to call to locate any utilities if you are doing any excavation work? In this presentation you will learn the reason for getting locates on both public and private property, the process from planning to excavation including how to report a utility strike and the far reaching damages caused by an unreported hit on a utility.

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