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Workplace Safety & Prevention Services applauds Ontario’s new Prevention Strategy for putting workplaces first

Release Date:  Dec 16, 2013

(Mississauga, December 16, 2013) – Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS), one of Ontario’s largest health and safety associations, applauds today’s release of the Health and Safety Ontario Workplace Strategy because it truly reflects the voice of Ontarians and strengthens the ability of all sectors to put an end to workplace injuries and fatalities.

“As a major contributor to the strategy’s consultation process, we were pleased to see many of our recommendations reflected in the final plan,” said WSPS Board Committee Chair, Normand Côté. “The strategy lays the ground work for a flexible, performance-based system rather than a prescriptive one, and truly responds to and supports the diverse needs of our 154,000 member firms, partners and associations in the manufacturing, rural and service sectors.”

WSPS commends the Chief Prevention Officer for placing the needs of vulnerable workers and small business owners front and centre in the strategy as this thrust is aligned with the work that WSPS has already recognized and progressed through its own programs and services. Some of these WSPS initiatives include a wide variety of networking and learning forums, consulting services such as site-training, assistance with hazard assessments and risk management, regional conferences, and many partnerships and alliances.

“The strategy shows leadership in government as it recognizes that the traditional top-down approach to health and safety planning must be flipped to a workplaces first approach where workers and employers take the lead and are supported by the traditional system partners,” said WSPS President & CEO, Elizabeth Mills.  

In crafting its submission, WSPS engaged over 140 sector representatives through its board, advisory committees, associations, volunteers and community representatives.

“Recognizing that no single entity can achieve success on its own, WSPS looks forward to collaborating with our system partners in delivering on the strategy’s vision,” said Ms. Mills. “Much like the Minister of Labour’s introduction of Bill 146, the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, when disparate groups, who typically do not have a common mandate, collaborate in spearheading solutions, Ontarians benefit from real and meaningful action.”

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services stands on its unique ability to be the leading business partner in risk management by developing solutions that bring lasting results.  At WSPS we act as one relationship management team; understanding the drivers of our customers’ success is in their employee engagement and their own customers’ satisfaction – and with that focus we create a profitable and safer Ontario.  

Primarily focused on the agricultural, industrial/manufacturing and service sectors, WSPS solutions retain valued employees, increase productivity and through cost-effective risk management planning reduce the paper burden of health and safety legislation.  WSPS is a dynamic $43 million organization with 260 staff, fueled by a shared passion for offering unparalleled health and safety expertise to grow the life of its 154,000 member firms. 

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