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Small Business Week: Busting the Myth: Health & Safety Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Release Date:  Oct 16, 2016

MISSISSAUGA, OCTOBER 16, 2016 - In support of Small Business Week, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) is pleased to release simple safety solutions to help Ontario's entrepreneurs keep their employees safe and their businesses productive.

For busy small business owners, it can be hard to find the time to make safety a priority and many myths exist around implementing a health and safety program.

"Too complicated is a common misconception we hear when discussing health and safety with our member firms, especially small businesses," says Harry Stewart, WSPS' Director, Small Business. "Costly, intrusive and inefficient are others."

Stewart understands where the misconceptions originate. Small business owners and managers face competing demands on their time, have fewer internal resources than larger businesses, and above all can't afford to spend valuable time hunting for information. "But like all misconceptions," says Stewart, "they're dangerous and just not true"

"The reality is that workplace health and safety doesn't have to be complicated. Simple safety solutions exist for businesses of all sizes, often at little or no cost."

With the high concentration of small businesses in Ontario, WSPS has developed a suite of tools and resources specifically for use by these workplaces. These tools, templates and other resources help small business owners understand their legal requirements and implement what is needed.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for businesses to find the tools they need", says Stewart. "So we've brought all the information together in one place, our online Small Business Centre, and many of the resources are free and ready to download, stream and share."

This week the spotlight is on small businesses, but WSPS is available all year long to help keep Ontario workplaces - regardless of their size - safe and productive every day.

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