Prevention System Updates

New orientation tools: MOL worker rights info in 27 languages

Release Date:  Mar 19, 2014

A two-week media campaign beginning mid-March alerts Ontarians to Ministry of Labour resources available in 27 languages. The resources inform vulnerable workers of their rights under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Employment Standards Act. However, the resources can also serve as a useful addition to employers' orientation toolkits.

The campaign is aimed at young workers, migrant workers, immigrants, temporary help agency workers, minimum wage earners, live-in caregivers, and especially new Ontarians whose first language is neither English nor French. The plain-language resources at the heart of the campaign cover such topics as workers' health and safety rights, getting paid, work hours, vacation time, and public holidays.

Appearing in ethnic print, multilingual television, and multilingual digital media, the campaign will direct the target audience to an MOL web page, where anyone can access and download the material.