Prevention System Updates

Join a 5,000 firms study and compare your performance

Release Date:  Nov 17, 2011

Help develop health and safety leading indicators in Ontario by participating in the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) and Health & Safety Ontario 5,000 Firms Study. An online questionnaire, which takes only 20 minutes to complete, asks about an organization’s safety culture, OHS management systems, joint health and safety committees, and organizational policies and practices. The goal is to develop metrics and identify best practices that help organizations improve their health and safety performance before injuries and illnesses occur.

“This is a groundbreaking project, which could potentially have huge implications for Ontario’s prevention system and beyond,” says Dr. Ben Amick, the Institute’s scientific director and project lead for the 5,000 Firms Study.

As Amick explains, leading indicators provide a sense of an organization’s ongoing health and safety initiatives, and its potential for injuries and illnesses. Developing a tool to measure leading indicators can help predict workplace injury and, ultimately, “help identify very tangible things that organizations can work on to improve occupational health and safety performance and prevent injuries and illness,” he says.

The study includes almost every major sector in Ontario. The four health and safety associations that comprise Health & Safety Ontario, including Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, support the study and encourage member firms to sign up. Each participating organization will receive a report showing how it compares with other organizations in its sector. While individual input will remain confidential, collective results will be shared among all participants.

Your organization can participate in the online questionnaire by providing information about your

  • organizational policies and practices
  • safety culture
  • OHS management systems
  • employee relations/joint health safety committee functioning.

The study is open for organizations to participate until May 31, 2012. To learn more about the study, and how your organization can participate visit IWH 5000 Firms.

The four sector-based health and safety associations (HSAs) and the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers are joining forces with the Institute for Work & Health to recruit about 5,000 organizations into the study.

The “5,000 Firms Study,” as it’s informally known, is looking at how organizations’ health, safety and disability policies and practices relate to injuries and illness. The study includes every major sector in Ontario.

“This is a groundbreaking project, which could potentially have huge implications for Ontario’s prevention system and beyond,” says Amick, the project lead.