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For Modern Day Leaders, Authenticity is Key

Release Date:  Mar 15, 2012

This past November, 33 senior executives including WSPS President and CEO, Elizabeth Mills, participated in Excellence Canada's Thought Leaders Roundtable, hosted at the Centre for Health & Safety Innovation in Mississauga, Ontario.

The session, which focused on leadership in Canada, led to both powerful insights into current practice and how firms might position themselves to lead for a more prosperous Canada.

Excellence Canada, the host of this roundtable, is an independent, not-for-profit organization committed to advancing organizational excellence across Canada.

One of the opening themes of the discussion was the group's collective desire to re-establish trust in Canada's institutions, in all sectors from the private sector, public sector, health care, to the not-for-profit sector.

In the wak of corporate scandals, and living in an information age that blasts all of us with messages, some of which seem less than genuine, there was the belief that now, more than ever, we're looking for humanity and authenticity in our leaders.

The discussion went beyond traditional views of servant leadership and suggested that a leader must embody the vision of the organization and be prepared to take chances in acting authentically with the various stakeholder constituents that comprise any organization.

"Leaders need to walk the talk," said Allan Abedes, President and CEO, Excellence Canada.  "You cannot just mandate it or send emails.  You have to live it and lead by example."

For more information on the Thought Leaders Roundtable, Excellence Canada has released a news release and a white paper summarizing the event.