Prevention System Updates

Carbon monoxide: keep this silent killer out of your workplace

Release Date:  Dec 16, 2014

Our risk of exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) increases as air temperatures drop and we bring more work indoors, and perform work with less natural ventilation.

Common sources of CO include:

  • fuel-powered vehicles, such as lifting devices
  • fuel-powered portable or stationary equipment
  • process equipment
  • welding and cutting operations
  • fuel-burning heaters
  • heated enclosures
  • faulty exhaust venting
  • back drafting down flues
  • contaminated compressed breathing air.

Workplaces can prevent short- and long-term exposure to CO with such control procedures and practices as

  • modifying workplace design, processes and equipment
  • ensuring appropriate ventilation
  • maintaining emission control equipment
  • providing personal protective equipment
  • training and educating supervisors and workers.

How WSPS can help

Speak with one of our consultants about conducting a workplace assessment, monitoring air quality, and other technical services. Our consultants will work with you to devise, implement and sustain cost-effective solutions.