Prevention System Updates

Be part of a 5,000 firms study

Release Date:  Jun 29, 2011

Help develop a culture of health and safety standards across Ontario by participating in the Institute for Work and Health (IWH) and Health & Safety Ontario 5000 Firms Study. This online questionnaire, which takes only 20 minutes to complete, will establish best practices in preventing workplace injury and illness and inform future studies.

Your organization can participate in the online questionnaire by providing information about your

  • organizational policies and practices
  • safety culture
  • OHS management systems
  • employee relations/joint health safety committee functioning.

The study is open for organizations to participate until January 2012. While your input will remain confidential, collective results will be shared with all participants. To learn more about the study, and how your organization can participate, send your name, organization, phone number and email to Colette Severin, IWH’s project coordinator, at or 416-927-2027 ext. 2126.