Prevention System Updates

An opportunity for stakeholder consultation that shouldn’t be ignored

Release Date:  Oct 16, 2012

Last week, the Chief Prevention Officer provided an update on the first Prevention Council meeting and announced his intention to reach out to stakeholders in the development of the prevention strategy for the province. The CPO and the 11-member Prevention Council are expected to deliver the strategy update process for consultation.

Evidence your input is working

For those who have been actively participating in the many consultations that have occurred over the past few years, you may be feeling a little consultation fatigue. Stay the course. Both the Expert Advisory Panel on Occupational Health & Safety and the Funding Fairness, A report on Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance System submitted substantive recommendations that are now being implemented, based on their conversations with you and your industry counterparts.

For those who haven’t yet participated in the consultation process, you should consider stepping forward, in particular, on the key components of the future of incentive programs and the prevention strategy.   Your participation and voice may not guarantee an outcome; however, it does guarantee the confidence of knowing you’ve influenced decisions and outcomes that will have a direct bearing on you and your business in the future.

In addition to public consultations, the Chief Prevention Officer, the Council and the new Prevention Office staff are engaging the primary prevention partners in implementing and following up on the recommendations you helped shape in 2010. WSPS remains committed to these critical conversations and to representing your needs in discussions with our system partners.