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Health and safety isn't just another line on your balance sheet. It's a journey that leads your business to new levels of success and builds economic prosperity.

Launched in 2014, the CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network is a distinguished group of forward thinking senior leaders who embrace their role, both collectively and individually, as champions and influencers in the growth of sustainable businesses and communities in Ontario - and beyond.

Helping to shape health and safety policy, this dynamic collaborative offers fertile ground for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, performance excellence and the advancement of a strategy for a robust cross-provincial culture of health and safety.

Transformation starts with leaders like you

As the brainchild of founding members Bruce Power, The Conference Board of Canada and Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, the CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network is a group of leaders - CEOs, Directors, operational and informal leaders - who are stepping beyond the bounds of their own organizations to spur health and safety transformation on a much larger scale.

We represent multiple sectors and industries and we've chosen to invest our time in this initiative because we understand our collective experience, skills and passion will create shared value for our businesses and our communities.

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If you are passionate about building a culture of health and safety, we would like to invite you to become the next leader at the table. For more information, please contact us at or call us at 1-877-494-9777.

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