ConsultingWhat is consulting?

Health & Safety Ontario consultants are health and safety professionals, and experts in their field, who bring rich and diverse educational and experiential backgrounds to their roles.

Each health and safety association has on-staff consultants who understand your business and your industry. Consultants are able to assist with the development of a basic health and safety program, provide advice and information, identify and facilitate solutions, and assess your training needs.

Consulting services are available across Ontario, and provide sector-specific information, as well as technical specialization such as health and safety program audits, ergonomic assessments and occupational hygiene testing.

What the law says

The Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) sets out minimum health and safety standards for workplaces in Ontario, and is anchored on the “internal responsibility system,” which means employers and employees share responsibility for keeping the workplace safe and workers healthy. Supervisors and workers both have roles to play. Health & Safety Ontario consultants have in-depth knowledge about the OHSA and its regulations, as well as industry-specific regulations.

How consulting can help your business

Health & Safety Ontario consultants work in partnership with your organization, helping you to

  • interpret the OHSA and regulations for your business
  • develop an action plan specific to your business
  • integrate health and safety solutions into your existing business practices in a way that promotes worker health and well-being, saves money and sustains organizational  performance
  • build your long-term capabilities around health and safety programs
  • prepare for the Ministry of Labour’s hazard-based enforcement blitzes

You own the plan, the information, and the recommendations—recommendations that when implemented will benefit your business, help you avoid enforcement scrutiny, and protect those you value most: your employees.

Consultants also know how to help small and medium-sized businesses keep things simple, practical and easy—and can often steer you to a low or no-cost solution.

What you can do

Evaluate your current health and safety program and determine where consulting assistance may be required. Contact your industry’s health and safety association to learn more.

Consulting Services

General Consulting Services

General Consulting Services

Integrating health and safety into your workplace is good business.  WSPS’ consultants employ a results-based approach to health, safety and environment, focused on building self-reliance,  and enabling your organization to implement, manage and continually improve your health and safety programs.


La santé et la sécurité au bureau pour les gestionnaires (français) (1 heure)

La santé et la sécurité au bureau pour les gestionnaires (français) (1 heure)

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Reduce injuries with leading indicators

Reduce injuries with leading indicators

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