COVID-19: Keeping safe during the pandemic

Since the start of COVID-19, our team of health & safety experts have prepared a host of critical resources to help businesses & individuals through the pandemic.

Proud to introduce our new COVID-19 Hub that gives you access to ALL our articles, checklists, webinars, eCourses and much more for businesses across Ontario.

Covid-19The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unique challenges for businesses and individuals around the world.

WSPS remains focused on providing critical prevention and safety services during this time; helping employers navigate the pandemic to ensure the safety of their workers.

On this page, find COVID-19 information, resources and supports for your business.

COVID-19 Pandemic Updates

For updates on the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to consult the following authorities:

Pandemic Preparedness

Introductory information to help businesses ready themselves for a pandemic:

Infection Control

Resources to help you understand the COVID-19 virus and how to protect yourself and your workers:

COVID-19 Business Planning and Industry Association Supports

Each industry in Ontario has been impacted differently by the COVID-19 pandemic. To assist businesses throughout this time, WSPS has prepared a list of useful business planning resources and industry association supports.

Work Refusals

Mental Health

Working remote? We have you covered!

If you have employees working from home, you want them to be as safe, healthy and engaged as they are in a business environment.

Post Pandemic Business Recovery

As the rate of infection decreases, the province will lift emergency measures; allowing businesses to return to regular operations. Ensure you are doing this safely, using these helpful tools and resources.


Pandemic Planning: Reopening for Business (English) (30 min)

Pandemic Planning: Reopening for Business (English) (30 min)

Understand what you can do to safely reopen your workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Ce cours est aussi offert en français

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Planification en cas de pandémie : Reprise des activités pendant une pandémie (français) (30 minutes)

Planification en cas de pandémie : Reprise des activités pendant une pandémie (français) (30 minutes)

Comprendre ce que vous pouvez faire pour reprendre vos activités sur le lieu de travail en toute sécurité pendant la pandémie de COVID-19.

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