The Quarantine Act

Year Bill/Reg./Act Jurisdiction Status
2020 The Quarantine Act Federal
In Force
OHS Impact
The Act will be invoked to impose mandatory self-isolation for international travelers entering the country. Essential workers such as truck drivers and health care workers moving between the U.S. and Canadian border will be excluded to ensure the flow of supplies and medical care is not impeded
  • Canada Border Services Agency officers will inform arriving passengers of the new regulations and the requirement to self-isolate for 14 days and to not take public transit to not make stops along the way to their final destination. 
  • The government will initiate random screenings and that there will be penalties for those who do not obey the law.
  • Employers in the food production and processing industry will be given $1,500 for each of their temporary foreign workers so they have transportation and accommodations, as well as access to food and basic supplies needed to meet all of the conditions imposed by public health authorities for the two weeks. 
    • This program will be available as long as the Quarantine Act is in force, and is conditional on employers not being found in violation of the mandatory 14-day isolation protocols or any other public health order.
    • The government warned that those who do not comply will face severe fines, sanctions, penalties or even a possible ban from the program.


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