An Act to prevent the introduction and spread of communi­cable diseases

Year Bill/Reg./Act Jurisdiction Status
2020 Bill C-12 Federal
Royal Assent
OHS Impact
This enactment repeals and replaces the existing Quarantine Act. Its purpose is to prevent the introduction and spread of communicable diseases in Canada.
  • It provides measures for the screening, health assessment and medical examination of travellers to determine if they have a communicable disease and measures for preventing the spread of communicable diseases, including referral to public health authorities, detention, treatment and disinfestation. Provisions for the administrative oversight of the detention of travellers are also included.
  • It provides for additional measures such as the inspection and cleansing of conveyances and cargo to ensure that they are not the source of communicable diseases.
  • It imposes controls on the import and export of cadavers, body parts and other human remains.
  • It contains provisions for the collection and disclosure of personal information if it is necessary to prevent the spread of a communicable disease or, under certain circumstances, for law enforcement purposes.
  • It also provides the Minister of Health with interim order powers in the case of public health emergencies and enforcement mechanisms to ensure compliance with the Act.

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