Safety Group 2019: new options, extended deadline

Jan 18, 2019

Safety Group 2019: new options, extended deadlineYou still have time to share in the benefits of WSPS' 2019 Safety Group, including improved health and safety performance and up to a 7% rebate on workers compensation premiums. WSPS has extended the deadline for joining its consistently successful Safety Group to March 31, 2019. Plus, there are now more flexible ways for firms to participate, says Lisa Graham, WSPS Safety Group Program Lead.

Why join

Firms that join the WSPS 2019 Safety Group will be able to build or improve their health and safety program while earning financial rewards.

Over the course of the year, members work on five elements of a health and safety program. They also attend up to five meetings per year, where participants share best practices and receive expert guidance from a WSPS consultant. Firms that successfully complete the 2019 program will share up to a 7% rebate on the group's WSIB premiums.

Members also receive

  • an on-site visit from a WSPS representative who can provide coaching and support
  • access to a members-only community website with resources, tools and templates
  • a 10% discount on select WSPS training, products and services

"Joining the WSPS Safety Group just makes good sense", says Lisa. "All companies already have to do a certain amount of work to meet legal requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. WSPS' Safety Group enables you to do this in a systematic and orderly way, while providing access to a Safety Group consultant, opportunities to network with other businesses and a financial incentive for your effort."

What's new for 2019

To provide more options for new, current, and past members, the WSIB has revamped the 2019 Safety Group program. "The changes include options for small firms, and firms undergoing a Workwell audit," says Lisa. For example:

  • small businesses with annual premiums of less than $90,000 that register for the 2019 Safety Group can work on just 3 elements, not 5
  • firms that have completed 5 years in the regular Safety Group program are no longer required to move into the Safety Group Advantage Program (SGAP). Instead, they can choose to continue in the regular program
  • firms that have completed 1 or more years in the SGAP program may return to the regular program (past members only)

"You can now pick the program that's best suited to you," says Lisa. Check out all the available options.

Prepare for changes

There are big changes ahead for WSIB programs, such as a new rate framework in 2020. "Joining WSPS' 2019 Safety Group could help you lower injury stats and frequency rates before the new rate framework takes effect," says Lisa. "We see reductions every year among members who successfully complete the program."

Even with the new registration deadline, Lisa urges firms to sign up as soon as possible. This will guarantee a spot in a 2019 Safety Group chapter near you and enable you to start benefiting now.

Watch for more on WSIB changes in upcoming issues of WSPS e-News.