WSPS Safety Group: save money and boost H&S

Sep 12, 2017

group meetingMake 2018 a year of breakthrough health and safety success for your company by joining WSPS' Safety Group. Member companies earn WSIB premium rebates as they build a sustainable health and safety program. "It's like putting your premiums back into your pocket," says Lisa Graham, program lead for WSPS’ Safety Group.

The Safety Group is part of a WSIB performance-based premium rebate program. Each company selects five elements, from a list of over 50 topics, to work on over the course of the year. The elements are considered to be essential components of a successful health and safety program.

Members also attend up to five local meetings facilitated by a WSPS consultant, where they network, discuss challenges, and share best practices.

Companies that successfully complete the year earn up to a 6% rebate on their premiums. Last year, WSPS members achieved a rebate of over $6.1 million. In the process, they reduced their lost-time injury rate by 7% and injury severity by 11%.

Joining WSPS' Safety Group gives members access to
  • in-person and online networking opportunities
  • exclusive access to resources on a WSPS website
  • expert advice and coaching on how to achieve your safety goals
  • ongoing support.
WSPS's Safety Group is one of the longest running and most successful in the WSIB program. Year after year, member firms have achieved a stronger health and safety program, fewer injuries, lower injury-related costs, and higher quality and productivity. In the process they also create an enduring culture of safety.

"The Safety Group makes sense for any company, regardless of performance or size," says Lisa. "If you're just starting out, it will help you put a health and safety program in place step by step. If you already have program elements, it will help make sure they are up to date and continually improving."

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