WSPS Safety Group: A Win-Win for The Sarjeant Co. Ltd.

Oct 19, 2018

WSPS Safety Group: A Win-Win for The Sarjeant Co. Ltd.Samantha Romanick says she's riding high after her company received a perfect score on its Safety Group validation audit and a substantial rebate on its 2016 workers compensation premiums. Samantha is Health and Safety Coordinator for The Sarjeant Co. Ltd., an Ontario supplier of ready mix concrete and aggregates, and heating and air conditioning services. The company has been a member of the WSPS Safety Group program for the past three years.

Firms that successfully complete a year in WSPS' Safety Group are able to earn financial rewards while building or improving their health and safety program. "We worked hard and had great success," says Samantha, "and we've got great health and safety policies and procedures in place because of it."

With registration now open for the 2019 WSPS Safety Group program, read on to discover how your company can achieve similar success.

How Safety Groups works

Safety Groups is a performance-based rebate program developed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Over one calendar year member firms work together on health and safety program elements designed to reduce injury frequency and severity. Successful firms receive rebates of 5-6% on their total premiums paid to the WSIB for recognition of health and safety efforts and investments in health and safety.

In 2016, the most recent year for which results are available, WSPS members collectively achieved a

  • 9.38% drop in lost-time injury frequency
  • 10.23% reduction in injury severity

These results earned them a $7.4 million rebate.

Members join a local chapter for a year at a time. From a list of over 50 elements, or health and safety topics, each member firm selects four to work on as key organizational goals to improve their health and safety performance. For instance, one of Sergeant's focuses this year was slips, trips, and falls. All members also work on a fifth common element. They learn how to implement the elements at meetings facilitated by WSPS consultants who share their expertise, direct members to WSPS resources, and encourage them to exchange ideas and best practices.

Sarjeant's experience

When Sarjeants joined WSPS' Safety Group three years ago, the company knew it needed to do some work on the health and safety program. "We had some decent policies and procedures in place, but we really needed to go further," says Samantha.

Members go through five steps for each element they choose: set the standard, communicate, train, evaluate, acknowledge success and make improvements. Every year, a sampling of firms is selected for a validation audit, in which a WSIB consultant verifies their self-reported program achievements.

After three years, The Sarjeant Co. is well on the way to having a more robust health and safety program. "More than anything else, it's really brought health and safety awareness to all the staff. The training and communication have ensured that employees understand the policies and procedures, and why they are important."

Looking ahead to 2019

Samantha is planning for a fourth year in the WSPS Safety Group and looks forward to networking more with other organizations in the group.

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