Stay on top of new laws with WSPS' legislation tracker

Aug 15, 2018

legislation trackerComplying with key changes to Ontario and federal workplace health and safety law just got easier. WSPS' new Occupational Health & Safety Legislation Tracker - an easy-to-use tool available at no cost to member firms - will keep you informed of legislative changes as they happen, what they mean for your firm, and how they affect your health and safety responsibilities.

"The tracker enables users to receive information about new bills, amendments and consultations that WSPS member firms often ask us about," says Jaskaren Randhawa, WSPS' Research Program Coordinator who led the creation of the new tracker. "Now all of this information is in one spot in an easy to read format."

Understanding the law and how it applies to you is critical to staying in compliance and improving your health and safety performance. Here's more on how the legislation tracker works.

How to search

Use the tracker to search in these three ways:

  1. Click on one of the popular pieces of legislation shown in the revolving carousel to find out more. For example, "OHS Set Fines Increase" connects you to recent amendments to the Provincial Offences Act that came into effect on April 4, 2018.
  2. Type a keyword into the search engine. For example, "harassment" links you to information about Bill 192, Speaking Out about Workplace Violence and Workplace Harassment Act, 2017.
  3. Search by jurisdiction (Ontario, federal, or both) and status (first reading, Royal Assent.). A list of relevant legislation will appear. Just click on the one you're interested in.

Information on each piece of legislation includes a briefing prepared by Jaskaren and her colleagues Natasha Galarraga, Research and Information Specialist and Illia Tchernikov, Business Manager.

 "These briefings summarize information so that readers are not lost in legal jargon," says Jaskaren. "It provides more in-depth information about the legislation and outlines what each employer should expect to change in their workplace."

Once you've found what you're looking for, share it with colleagues via 150 communications channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail and Facebook.

How to receive updates

Instead of, or in addition to, your own search, subscribe at no cost to OHS Legislation Tracker updates. You'll receive up-to-date information on both amended and new legislation and regulations as it arises. Updates are sent directly to inboxes so subscribers will never miss out on important information. The alerts can be filtered according to personal preferences. For example, you may want to be notified about the status change of existing bills or only when new legislation is introduced.

How we can help

  • Try out WSPS' Occupational Health & Safety Legislation Tracker today.
  • Supplement your understanding with WSPS' extensive training resources on federal and provincial requirements. Provincial resources address roles and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and how to meet regulatory requirements such as conducting hazard assessments, noise, safeguarding, violence and harassment, and much more.
  • Chat with our on-duty consultant to find out how our safety experts can help you ensure compliance. Call 1-877-494-WSPS (9777).