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Small Business Week: Try our free advisory service

Sep 11, 2018

If you're a small business, celebrate Small Business Week, October 14-20 by refreshing and invigorating your health and safety efforts. "Health and safety doesn't have to be complicated," says WSPS Account Manager Denise Lam. "Simple solutions can have a profound effect on the health and safety of your employees and the sustainability of your business."

WSPS' free Small Business Advisory Service, for businesses with under 20 employees, matches small businesses with a health and safety expert who can help them improve health and safety with simple, easy to implement solutions for their business.

"First steps are often the hardest," notes Denise. "That's what makes this service so valuable. It creates a path forward with an expert at your side and resources at hand."

How WSPS' Small Business Advisory Service works

We match small businesses that successfully go through a brief application process with an expert advisor. Together, you will spend 10 hours scheduled at your convenience to:

  • review what you have in place and establish next steps,
  • identify hazards and conduct a walk-through inspection,
  • develop an action plan with 4 or 5 items to get you started,
  • review your progress.
What you'll gain

Successful participants receive:

  • support - a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) will guide you through the program. These advisors are WSPS volunteers who donate their time and expertise.
  • on-site advice - professional assistance from an advisor, available at times that work for you, to help you start implementing health and safety best practices.
  • resources - you'll receive a handbook with practical tools and information to track ongoing progress and use as a resource for years to come.

WSPS is already working with industry groups to raise awareness of the opportunity among their members. Alexandra Anderson, Executive Director of Camping in Ontario, was quick to see the benefits and communicated the offer to the organization's members. Camping in Ontario represents privately owned and operated campgrounds in the province, and a number of members have already signed up. One member shared that having a consultant come on site "was a real plus, this service saved us time and money and ensured that we are compliant and diligent in maintaining a safe work environment."

Ready to start? Call or email WSPS Customer Care now: 1-877-494-WSPS (9777);, or visit

Are you a small business under 50 employees?

WSPS' Small Business Centre offers health and safety roadmaps based on company size. The site is intuitive, easy to use, and focuses on core compliance requirements. Click on a size that reflects your business, and the website populates itself with resources specific to your needs.