Safety Group members earn $7.4 million in rebates!

Nov 15, 2017

group meetingSlashing their lost time injury frequency rate by 9.38% and their injury severity rate by 10.23% has earned 350 members of WSPS’ 2016 Safety Group a $7,400,000 rebate in WSIB premiums.

Year after year, results prove that the Safety Group, a WSIB performance-based premium rebate program, helps workplaces achieve sustainable gains in health and safety performance. Participating companies work together on key safety initiatives designed to reduce injury frequency and severity, all while earning a rebate to their annual WSIB premiums.

How the program works

Companies join a local WSPS Safety Group chapter for one calendar year at a time. Each year, members work on five essential elements of a successful health and safety program, individually chosen from a list of 50. Members also attend up to five local meetings facilitated by a WSPS Consultant where they network, discuss challenges and share best practices. Companies that successfully complete the year earn up to a 6% rebate on their premiums.

Deepa Sarao sees the benefits of joining WSPS' Safety Group from two perspectives. As a WSPS Consultant who facilitates a Mississauga-area Safety Group, she helps members lay the groundwork for sustainable improvements in health and safety performance, set targets, and achieve them by year's end. The second perspective, as a former Safety Group member she knows from personal experience that members achieve more as part of a group than on their own.

"You have a WSPS consultant who's at the other end of an email or phone call, and 20 to 30 peers in your group that you can reach out to during and between meetings. It's an ideal environment for discussing challenges and sharing solutions," says Deepa.

What the performance improvements mean for everyone

Deepa describes another essential benefit to improving your health and safety performance. "In real terms, improving health and safety performance means you’re actually preventing injuries and fatalities," she says. "You're also preventing potentially devastating emotional trauma for the injured workers, their families, and other employees at the scene of an injury."

Start enhancing your health and safety performance with WSPS" Safety Group

Registration for WSPS' 2018 Safety Group closes at the end of December. Visit the Safety Group website today, where you can:
  • watch a 90-second video to learn how WSPS' Safety Group can help you,
  • read member success stories,
  • learn about discounts on selected courses, conferences, workshops and consulting services,
  • download an application form.