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Mar 20, 2018

partners in prevention 2018New for Partners in Prevention 2018 we've introduced session streams to help you make the most of your conference experience. Designed with attendees in mind, you'll now be able to schedule your time at conference based on courses and sessions that directly apply to your expertise. Want to learn about legislation directly applying to your field, or the latest in technology? Our new session streaming tool's got you covered.

With more than 60 sessions over two days, experts will explore the theme of Shifting Landscapes and help you stay up to date with the latest hot topics, legislation and changes in key aspects of health and safety.

Session streams

"We've categorized sessions into seven streams to make it simple for attendees to look them up electronically," says Sandra Buscarini, WSPS Program Lead, Events Programming and Delivery. "Just pick a theme, and it will pull together a list of sessions designed specifically for that category."

Human Resources
HR professionals are challenged with getting the most out of their employees. This can include employees recognition programs, having difficult conversations or staying on top of the latest in legislation. Courses include:

  • What Rocks and What Sucks with Employee Recognition
  • Workplace Harassment: Managing Evolving Enforcement and Obligations

Mental Health and Workplace Culture
Mental health in the workplace is something that affects all of us and workplace culture greatly impacts employee mental health. Stay on top of this hot topic with sessions like:

  • Managing Addictions: Stress & Mental Wellbeing
  • Chronic Mental Stress

Senior leaders tackle a number of issues such as building a competitive advantage, improving bottom line results, organizational strategies and much more. This stream covers topics including:

  • The Future of Safety Excellence: Partnering to ZERO
  • Active Shooter: Planning and Response Strategies

Legislative and Legal
Staying on top of the latest in workplace legislation can be difficult. Check out the following sessions and more, to make sure you're compliant:

  • Legal Access to Marijuana: The Workplace Impact, Why it Matters and How to Manage It
  • Ministry of Labour Priorities for 2018-2019

Are you a joint health and safety committee member and want to get some practical, hands-on intel? This stream will guide you on your way with courses like:

  • Effective Inspections: Longo's Road to Implementation
  • Stop Falls Before They Stop You: What it Takes to Work Safely at Heights

Core Hazards
Hazards aren't always as obvious as they may seem. Do you know all of the hazards you’re exposed to at work? This stream will help you stay on top of a wide range of hazards with sessions including:

  • Essentials for a Successful Hearing Conservation Program
  • Human Factors in Pedestrian Safety

General Health and Safety
Stay on top of a wide range of health and safety concerns and issues with this stream. Courses include:

  • Stand Up To Stigma
  • Ministry of Labour Mock Trial

Trade show sneak peak

This year's trade show has expanded with more exhibitors, activities, pavilions, events and hands-on activities. See, touch and test the latest, greatest products, services, solutions, and innovations.

"While you're there, visit the new and improved Distracted Driving Pavilion," says Kristina Toomey, Tradeshow and Sponsorship Specialist. "We've expanded its size and scope. It's absolutely hands down the best one we've done so far."

At the pavilion, delegates can assess their skills driving pedal carts through an obstacle course while wearing impairment goggles. The goggles simulate impairment from alcohol, marijuana, and over the counter drugs.

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