Lost in the maze of prevention requirements? Reach for Your Health & Safety GPS

Jun 05, 2014

GPS compassIf you're a small or medium-sized business that needs a fast answer to a health and safety question, what would you rather do: turn to the Occupational Health and Safety Act - or perhaps your bulky health and safety manual - or reach for a simple, at-a-glance resource that quickly and clearly points you to what you need to know?

If you chose the second alternative, you're in luck. A new, easy-to-navigate tool, "Your Health & Safety GPS", is yours at no charge, with just one click. Developed by people who work in businesses like yours, and who experience the same challenges as you do every day, the just-released two-page roadmap (one page if you download the poster version) makes life easier for busy people who are short on time.

All the critical H&S elements you need to know in one place

"Owners and managers of small operations wear many different hats, including health and safety manager," says John Norris, executive director, CIIA/HARA, who served on the WSPS committee that developed the GPS resource. "They have a lot on their mind, like making payroll on Friday. We wanted to help them be compliant, and integrate health and safety into their daily business practices, in the easiest possible way."

The new "GPS" tool bypasses the frustration of drilling down for data in regulations, manuals or on the Internet by providing lists and ready links to the critical health and safety information you need on a regular basis. It is designed in big colourful blocks and uses plain language - what you need to get, do, write down, watch for and find - making it an efficient and attractive resource ideal for posting at a work station or in the lunchroom.

Relevant and up to date

Another compelling feature of the GPS tool is that it addresses Ministry of Labour (MOL) priorities. "We didn’t address just our own perceptions of what was important," says Norris. "We looked at Ministry of Labour data and addressed hazards on their priority list, and we included brand-new requirements, like the worker and supervisor awareness regulation."

The GPS tool provides

  • a list of every regulation or policy you are required to post in your workplace, and where to find it
  • a summary of the training your employees are required to have
  • all the maintenance and training records you need to write down and post
  • a quick-reference list of common hazards
  • where to go for more information.

Designed by people just like you

The team that developed the GPS tool comprises advisory committee members working in collaboration with WSPS. More than 100 volunteers from Ontario’s agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors serve on 10 committees as part of WSPS’ commitment to listen to our customers and understand their needs.

Committee members are industry leaders and professionals deeply committed to making it as easy as possible for small business to address their health and safety challenges. The GPS tool reflects that commitment, and is one of a number of tools now available or in development. Other committee-inspired tools include:

  • Ontario's aging workforce - what workers can do to prevent injuries (poster)
  • Ontario's aging workforce - what employers can do to prevent injuries (poster)
  • New worker orientation guide - laying the foundation for a safety culture
  • Supervisor competencies - the key to building a strong safety culture (6 posters)
  • Musculoskeletal disorders - two steps to managing your risk (info sheet)

Find out more about WSPS' advisory committees and tools. Also, watch for information on new tools as they become available.