Learn new approaches to H&S in your community

Jan 19, 2018

wsps safety connectionExplore emerging issues, connect with peers, and exchange best practices at the new WSPS Safety Connection, a stimulating and energizing health and safety forum taking place in 21 Ontario communities.

The fast-paced 2-hour sessions feature an engaging presentation by a WSPS facilitator, followed by a Q&A and networking opportunities, where participants can share experiences and best practices with each other. The sessions conclude with strategies for applying what they’ve learned in their workplaces.

Each Safety Connection event, offered at no cost to participants, will showcase a timely topic in health and safety, such as mental health, noise apps, the Ministry of Labour’s proposed accreditation program, falls from heights, the future of robotics, and many others.

"Safety Connection is a refresh and renewal of WSPS' local Network & Knowledge Exchange sessions," explains Simona Mazat, Lead, CEO Programs, Events & Promotions. "We have three goals for Safety Connection, to keep member firms up to date on legislative changes, provide thought-provoking information that is forward thinking, and offer topical, timely information that responds to regional business needs."

Sneak peak: The Future of Robot Safety

One of the most anticipated sessions, offered in five communities between now and July, is Robotics - The Future of Robot Safety - Where are we headed?

"When we talk about the future of robotics, it’s a progression from no collaboration between robots and humans to full collaboration," says WSPS Consultant Robert Vomiero. "Robotic systems have already revolutionized the auto industry, and are now making inroads into warehousing and distribution centres. As functionality increases and costs decrease, I see future applications in a number of industry sectors, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and so much more."

While robotic systems are seen primarily as a productivity tool, they're also an important injury prevention tool.

"I want to help people understand how they can best utilize collaborative robots, especially for tasks now performed by workers that have a higher risk of repetitive sprain and strain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders," says Robert.

Upcoming Safety Connection topics

The following topics will be showcased throughout Ontario in 2018

  • Accreditation and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Falls from Heights: What type of training do you need?
  • Federal Occupational Health and Safety Training Requirements for Managers
  • Mental Health - Breaking Down Mental Health Barriers
  • Mental Stress - WSIB’s Chronic Mental Stress Policy
  • Ministry of Labour Hot Topics
  • Occupational Hygiene - Are Noise Screening Apps Right for Your Workplace?
  • Robotics - The Future of Robot Safety - Where are we headed?
  • Young Workers - Reducing the risk of injury to new and young agricultural workers

Check the online WSPS Safety Connection calendar for sessions near you and register today. Space limitations may apply.