Control warehouse hazards with specialized JHSC certification training (new resource)

Dec 01, 2016

Warehousing hazardsWarehouses and distribution centres are big business.

According to a recently published real estate study, they’re two of Canada's top 16 investment prospects. It's an area of burgeoning growth, confirms Chuck Leon, a WSPS technical services specialist. "Just look at all the new warehouses and distribution centres lining Ontario highways."

But with growth comes risk. To help keep workers safe and productive, WSPS now offers Ministry of Labour-approved Certification Part Two - Warehousing & Distribution.

"People who work in warehouses and distribution centres are exposed to unique hazards - rack structures, loading docks, compactors, wrapping machines, telescopic conveyer systems, and state of the art conveyer systems that go throughout the whole zone," explains Chuck. "You need specialized training to recognize, assess, control and evaluate these hazards. It's essential for preventing injuries and maximizing productivity."

Doug Pepper agrees. The health and safety manager for Gordon Food Services (GFS), operating out of the company's head office and distribution centre in Milton, Ontario, plans to send all joint health and safety committee members for WSPS' Certification Part Two - Warehousing & Distribution training, not just the two members required by law. The company already sends all committee members for Certification Part One training.

The 440,000 square foot facility has 870 employees and 130 truckloads a day going in and out. It’s a busy place, and the joint health and safety committee’s monthly inspections take time, but Doug wants them done right.

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"Committees function better when they have a solid understanding of the fundamental elements of a health and safety program, like workplace inspections and investigations," says Doug. "Focusing on the hazards of a warehouse or distribution centre will help make our committee members more effective. They'll be more aware of specific hazards. It's not just about looking at a rack. It's looking at how product is stored, the structure of the racking…"

Find out more about all of WSPS' certification training solutions

Certification training for JHSC members enhances their ability to identify hazards and make meaningful recommendations for improvement. Certified members are also better at being health and safety leaders, and increasing overall employee engagement in health and safety.

WSPS is a trusted certification trainer of choice for over 100,000 people in the past 15 years. Our Certification Part Two - Warehousing & Distribution training is just one of many certification training options. We offer multiple choices for Certification Part One and Certification Part Two.

All of our certification training has been approved by the Ministry of Labour under its new standards. WSPS is also certified to ISO 9001:2008.