Bring Safety Home: a breakthrough resource on talking to your kids about safety

Jul 05, 2016

Bring Safety HomeBring Safety Home, a timely new initiative launched by WSPS and the Ministry of Labour, is the first website targeted to parents of young workers. It helps parents of young workers play a greater role in their safety at work.

Young people are more likely than any other age group to be injured at work - especially in the first four weeks, when they are three times more likely to be injured than experienced workers.

By providing parents and other adult influencers with a range of new resources, Bring Safety Home enables them to play a positive, proactive role in ensuring their children come home from work healthy and injury free.

"WSPS and the Ministry of Labour believe a fresh approach is required," says Brian Mason, WSPS' director, brand marketing. "What sets Bring Safety Home apart is that it's not just about information. It's about how to have conversations with your kids about safety. The resources enable parents to dig deeper into the work their kids are doing, and to have open and meaningful conversations about how to keep themselves safe."

How Bring Safety Home helps you talk to your kids

The website guides you through a series of simple steps that build your own understanding and offer useful tips on having meaningful conversations. For example, you can

  • find out what health and safety responsibilities everyone in the workplace has - senior executives, supervisors, and your own child
  • test how much you really know about how safe your child is at work
  • learn about specific hazards in industries that hire young people, including the service sector, manufacturing, and agriculture
  • discover 5 essential building blocks for having productive conversations with your child
  • access sample questions that encourage conversations about the type of work your child may be performing, and sound health and safety practices that can prevent injuries
  • listen to personal insights from employers, a safety consultant, a child and family therapist, and Labour Minister Kevin Flynn, who shares an experience with is own son

These videos incorporate stories that are authentic and convey information in a way that parents can connect with, which in turns fosters a better connection with their children.

"Every year, more than 6,000 young workers across Ontario are injured seriously enough to need time off work," says Flynn. "That's the equivalent of nearly 17 Ontario youth a day. That's why Bring Safety Home is such an excellent campaign - it will help give parents the tools they need to help their kids stay informed and safe at work."

Find out for yourself. Explore Bring Safety Home today.

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