Mentor Connect

Don't head out on your health and safety journey alone; one-on-one support is available.


Our Mentor Connect program matches individuals from businesses (referred to as Learning Associates) with health and safety mentors that can help grow occupational health and safety awareness and understanding.

Mentors are not consultants, they are volunteers who have been in the health and safety field for several years. Their role is to share experiences, insights and best practices with their Learning Associate to assist them in their occupational health and safety learning and growth. They will ask questions and share available resources in an effort to support the Learning Associate’s objectives/goals.

If you are a small or new business and would like more information on how you can become a Learning Associate in our Mentor Connect program, please contact us at 905-614-1400 ext. 2306 or email us at When contacting us, please identify your interest in this particular program and where you are located so we can connect you with a Regional Community Coordinator in your area.