OHS Management Systems Consulting Overview

Designing a strategy aligned with the goals and objectives of your business starts with you. WSPS can then enhance your vision by acting as a trusted advisor to ensure preventative measures are in place that enrich your corporate culture and inspire innovation.

We will work with you to transform opportunity into competitive advantage. Together, we will deliver meaningful change to grow your business while building strong and resilient communities across Ontario.

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  • CEO Network Exchange
  • CSA Standards
  • Management Systems
  • Mental Health

Hamish Morgan, BSc, CRSP, Consultant

A consultant for nearly 2 decades, with WSPS and previously a private consulting firm, Hamish has built health & safety management systems and provided training for clients in a variety of sectors. Hamish Morgan, BSc, CRSP, Consultant


Consulting Solutions

Management Systems

OHS Management Systems

Ready to take your health and safety program to the next level but don't know how or where to begin? Our Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Management Systems suite of solutions provides you with a systematic and proactive approach to workplace health, safety and wellness that will promote process consistency, efficiency, continual improvement and employee engagement.