Health & Safety Self-Assessment

small business checklistThe Health and Safety Self-Assessment Checklist will allow your company to determine whether it is active in each of the key components required for the establishment and maintenance of a successful health and safety program.

What is Included

The self-assessment contains three sections.
  1. Setting the Stage
    Your policy statement is the foundation for your health & safety system.
  2. The Right Stuff
    A review of your programs and materials.
  3. Health & Safety In Action
    These are the policies and practices that become part of your daily routine.

How it Works

You will be asked to respond 'Yes' or  'No' to the questions in each section to determine if you have implemented components of a successful program.

Priority Rankings
You will also be asked to provide priority rankings to your responses and can add comments for your personal action plan.

  • Low: Planning what to do
  • Medium: Have some items in place
  • High: Written, in place and followed
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