Advisory Committees

Grow your health and safety knowledge and leadership skills
Join one of ten WSPS advisory committees

More than 100 businesses in Ontario's agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors volunteer on ten high-energy WSPS advisory committees.

It's a collaborative group, formed around a shared belief that Ontario workers deserve to go home safe at the end of every workday.

Be the voice of your sector.

WSPS draws on the expertise and leadership of its advisory committees to:

  • develop tools and information that help Ontario businesses address occupational health and safety challenges,
  • engage in problem-solving to improve Ontario's prevention system.

Advisory committee volunteers benefit in many personal and professional ways.

  • Sharing information and best practices brings their knowledge and expertise to the attention of a large, well-connected peer group.
  • Insider information on occupational health and safety issues, trends and legislation boosts their performance on the job.

The advisory committees represent ten sub-sectors:

  • Agriculture
    • Agriculture & Horticulture (AH)

  • Manufacturing
    • Commercial Industrial Services (CIS)
    • Durable Goods Production (DGP)
    • Food, Pharmaceuticals & Personal Products (FPPP)
    • Vehicle Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (VIEM)

  • Service
    • Restaurant, Food Services (RFS)
    • Retail, Wholesale & Office (RWO)
    • Television, Film & Live Performance (TFLP)
    • Tourism & Hospitality (TH)
    • Vehicle, Sales & Service (VSS)

The committees meet quarterly and members serve for three years. A member may be re-appointed to the committee following their initial term. They provide a "voice" for their industry sector, which helps WSPS set strategy and make decisions by identifying occupational health and safety issues, and emerging trends.

Designed just for you: a toolbox of safety solutions for your community.

WSPS advisory committee members-more than 100 health and safety professionals who work in businesses like yours-pooled their insights and skills to address well-known safety challenges in your industry.

The result? A toolbox of solutions-simple, easy-to-use posters, checklists, tip sheets-designed to help you deal with workplace hazards more effectively.

Just click, print, and share freely. Yours to have and to share, at no cost.


Help prevent injuries and save lives.