Safety Group Benefits & Results

Over $6.7 Million Rebate for WSPS 2017 Safety Group

The Safety Groups are assessed annually by the WSIB. Once again, for the 2017 program year, WSPS Safety Group achieved the largest rebate of all sponsors at $6,756,894.26.

Success in the WSPS Safety Group puts premiums back into your pockets. WSPS does not take any percentage of your rebate - you keep every penny you earn.

WSPS Safety Group members have made significant and consistent progress in successfully implementing health, safety, and healthy workplace practices into their workplaces.

WSPS Safety Group Rebates, 2014-2017


WSPS Safety Group Program Benefits

  • Highest rebate of all Ontario safety groups
  • Build stronger H&S program for your workplace
  • Proven reductions in lost time injury & injury severity rates
  • Expert guidance from WSPS consultants
  • Networking with multi-sector group of companies
  • On-site visit to check your firms' progress in meeting the program requirements
  • 10% discount on selected courses, conferences, workshops and consulting services