Warehouse Hazards From A to Z (1/2 day)

Warehouse Hazards From A to Z (1/2 day)
Warehouse Hazards From A-Z is designed to increase participants understanding of their role in preventing workplace injuries and overview of several of the most typical hazards within a warehouse environment.

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The course will teach participants to increase their awareness of relevant warehousing legislation/standards and learn about common health/safety warehousing categories. Via a virtual warehouse and case study scenario, participants will apply the "Recognize, Assess, Control and Evaluate (RACE)" approach to hazard identification. Common warehouse inspection tools will also be reviewed.



Delivery Method

This course is delivered in a public classroom and/or can also be delivered in an on-site location.

Please contact Customer Care at 905-614-1400 or 1-877-494-WSPS (9777) for more information about availability and on-site pricing.

Topics include

  • Why Health and Safety is Important
  • Healthy workplaces (Avenues of Influence)
  • Internal Responsibility System (IRS)
  • Related OHSA Legislation and Duties (employer, supervisor, worker)
  • Hazard Categories (Physical, Chemical, Biological, MSD, Psychosocial, Safety)
  • Contact with Machinery
  • Racking, Lift Trucks, Conveyors, Manual Material Handling, Housekeeping,
  • RACE: Dealing with Hazards in the Workplace

Upon completion, you will be able to

  • Explain legislation/standards that apply to warehousing
  • Identify the roles of employer, supervisor and workers
  • Identify common workplace hazard categories
  • Recognize, Assess, Control and Evaluate (RACE) common warehouse hazards
  • Identify common warehouse inspection tools.

Target audience

This course will be of relevance to:

  • Joint Health and Safety Committee Members
  • Managers
  • Health and Safety Representatives
  • Supervisors and Lead Hands
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Others responsible for health and safety in the workplace.
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