Legislative Briefing: Marijuana and the Workplace: Managing the Impact of Legalization

Legislative Briefing: Marijuana and the Workplace: Managing the Impact of Legalization
Understand the implications marijuana and the workplace have to health and safety, and receive guidance on how to manage these challenges in safety sensitive industries.

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Medical marijuana in the workplace is a rapidly emerging and highly contentious issue. And now the Canadian Government has announced its plan to legalize Cannabis for non-medical recreational use in 2018.

The topic of marijuana access and its use is sensitive, complex,and highly polarized with issues and implications for health and safety. Employers have questions about how to respond to this new landscape. What changes will have to be made to existing policies and procedures? What if employees’ recreational use off-duty affects workplace performance?

This session is aimed at helping employers to understand the changes, the implications to health and safety, and to provide guidance on how to manage these challenges in safety sensitive industries. Plan to attend this informative session and bring your questions.

Dan Demers


Dan Demers, Senior Manager
Strategic Business Development, CannAmm

Dan Demers’ commitment to lifelong learning is rooted in science and supplemented through executive education. Dan’s international presence and commitment to best practices is accomplished by serving on the SAPAA International Committee and IFDAT Legal Committee. By providing trustworthy information, tools, and best practices for occupational testing, Dan seeks to achieve his mission of effectively and sustainably increasing safety for the benefit of employers, workers and their families.

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