Investigating Accidents and Incidents (1/2 day)

Investigating Accidents and Incidents (1/2 day)
This program blends accident investigation theory with hands on practice.

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This 1/2 day course is instructor-led and covers the purpose and benefits of an investigation, legal reporting requirements, and proven steps and techniques for conducting effective investigations.

This course equips workplace parties with the essential knowledge, skills and tools to conduct investigations and prevent costly recurrences.

The investigation of accidents and incidents is a core activity within a functional health and safety program. It is also a key requirement in the Workwell, Safety Group, and Safe Communities Incentive Programs. When an investigation is done well, it helps a company to identify and address the deficiencies that contributed to the incident and prevent costly recurrences in the future.



Delivery method

This course is delivered in a public classroom and/or can also be delivered in an on-site location.

Please contact Customer Care at 905-614-1400 or 1-877-494-WSPS (9777) for more information about availability and on-site pricing.

Topics include

  • How to prevent workplace accidents/incidents
  • How to stay in compliance with the law
  • Due diligence

Upon completion, you will be able to

  • Understand investigation principles and techniques
  • Identify relevant legal requirements for investigations
  • Understand the steps in investigations and the skills required
  • Practice conducting an investigation and writing a report

Target Audience

This course is appropriate to any sector or size workplace. It is most appropriate for workplaces that are regulated by Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act. It will be of particular interest to anyone who may conduct investigations such as:
  • Employers
  • Supervisors
  • JHSC members
  • Health and safety representatives

It is specifically intended for workplace parties with limited or no knowledge of investigations and those looking to enhance their knowledge and investigative skills.

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