Ministry of Labour Inspection Blitzes

2019/2020 WSPS Sector Blitz Schedule

Focus Date

MOL Tourism / Hotel Motel Blitz

You care about the welfare of your employees. They're the backbone of your business. But figuring out what you need to do to protect them and how to get started can be tough - especially when your time and resources are limited.

September 1, 2018 - March 31, 2020

Machine Guarding and Electrical Hazards

Employees work with machines, tools and equipment every day. Workplaces couldn't operate without them; however, interacting with them has potential for serious injuries or fatalities if they are not used and maintained properly.

February 1, 2019 - March 29, 2019
Recent Blitzes Date

Big Box Retail and Warehouses

Your customers rely on you to ensure that their products are stored and distributed properly. Every day, you manage logistical processes for the safe operation of your warehouse/distribution centre and control the hazards that could put your workers, your customers' products, and your business at risk.

October 1, 2018 - November 23, 2018

What is a Ministry of Labour blitz?

Ministry of Labour Blitz

The Ministry of Labour's proactive inspection blitzes focus on sector-specific hazards, and are designed to raise awareness and increase compliance with health and safety legislation. They are part of the province's Safe at Work Ontario compliance strategy. During a blitz inspection, inspectors focus on specific sectors, workplace areas or activities in which the targeted hazards may be present.

The blitzes are announced in advance and results are reported after they are completed. The ministry tracks each sector to determine if the blitzes result in a long-lasting increase in compliance and decrease in injuries.


What the law says

In Ontario, workplaces must allow a Ministry of Labour inspector into the workplace. During a blitz campaign, inspectors have been instructed to take a zero-tolerance approach, meaning that if a workplace is found to be non-compliant, the MOL will prosecute in some way.

How MOL blitzes can affect your business

MOL blitzes target hazards that can lead to high-cost injury claims. These claims result from injuries that cause fatalities, long-term disabilities, or by their nature tend to reoccur or become chronic. The high costs are passed along to employers in the form of higher WSIB assessments, insurance premiums, lost time, and lower productivity.

What you can do

  • Be proactive: identify the hazards in your workplace that can cause injury or illness and establish a plan for how these hazards will be managed
  • Get some help from your health and safety association to find out what training you need to ensure compliance before the inspector arrives
  • Perform your own workplace audit
  • Make your employees aware of the hazards
  • Have a well-documented health and safety program visibly in place, and implement hazard-related strategies, tools and training
  • Correct any deficiencies identified by a Ministry of Labour inspector
  • Work collaboratively with the inspector

Consulting Services

General Consulting Services

General Consulting Services

Integrating health and safety into your workplace is good business.  WSPS’ consultants employ a results-based approach to health, safety and environment, focused on building self-reliance,  and enabling your organization to implement, manage and continually improve your health and safety programs.