Partners in Prevention 2017: register now for Canada’s must-attend health and safety event

Feb 13, 2017

group Join WSPS on May 2-3 in Mississauga, ON for Partners in Prevention 2017, Canada's leading health and safety conference. It's the place to be to make new contacts and find innovative resources and solutions to keep your workers safe. The largest annual event of its kind, the conference features speakers from across North America, training sessions on a variety of topics, and more than 400 booths showcasing the latest in market trends, products and services for your workplace.

"Our theme this year, 'The New Workplace - Connect, Collaborate, Create' could be a mantra for today's working world, where teamwork, networking and innovation are prerequisites for getting ahead," says Sherry Kirkpatrick, WSPS' manager, events programming & delivery. "But it also serves as a precaution. Today we're asked to process four times the amount of information we dealt with in 1986. It seems like we're always on, always connected, but work-life balance, corporate culture and mental wellness are also organizational priorities. How do we put these connections to best use and protect our workforce at the same time?"

These challenges will be discussed from many perspectives at Partners in Prevention. Here are just two complementary approaches:

  • Productivity and Collaboration in the Age of Digital Distraction. Digital media expert and futurist Jesse Brown shares how the world's most progressive employers are rethinking productivity and tapping into collaborative social dynamics of the networked workplace.
  • Keynote session by distraction expert Curt Steinhorst. A leading voice on strategic communications in the age of distraction, Curt's insights will help you rise above the noise and focus on strategies that help you block it out.

Curt Steinhorst is just one of three keynote speakers. Attend both days of the conference so that you can catch these two additional keynotes:

  • Neil Pasricha. The Happiness Expert and bestselling author of the Book of Awesome, shows us how "happiness" can improve performance and create a more positive and productive workplace.
  • Steven Page, iconic musician and mental health advocate, who will discuss his own struggles with mental illness and how to increase awareness and decrease stigma at work.

These are just a few of the 70+ conference sessions, each led by industry experts, on core and emerging health and safety priorities. Sessions will take a fresh look at health and safety issues that affect you and your workplace, from training tips and new standards to legal liability and the changing roles of supervisors and joint health and safety committees. Check out the preliminary show guide for a full list.

Attend the trade show - Canada's largest H&S marketplace

Explore 400+ exhibit booths demonstrating the latest products, services and technology. Each booth will be staffed with experts keen to help you find solutions to your workplace’s health and safety challenges.

While at the trade show, also take in these event highlights:

  • High Risk Pavilion - everything you need to know about work in high risk activities such as working at heights, working with energized high-voltage power, driving motor vehicles, transporting dangerous goods, working on suspended access equipment, confined spaces, and more
  • Healthy Living Pavilion - back by popular demand, this year's Healthy Living Pavilion will feature cooking demonstrations, massage therapy, and lots of ideas on how to help improve your health at work and at home
  • Distracted Driving Pavilion - test your driving skills from a pedal-powered kart while wearing impairment simulation goggles. Could you be a distracted driver? Get the truth by taking our interactive distracted driving test
  • Bookstore - visit the Partners in Prevention Bookstore, where you can stock up on health, safety and business publications, books and training resources

Step back from the day-to-day, refresh, re-energize, and reconnect in a meaningful way at Partners in Prevention 2017 Health & Safety Conference & Trade Show. Online registration is now open, and our Super Early Bird rate remains in effect only until March 31.