Earn safety and financial returns through WSPS' 2017 Safety Group - only weeks left to register

Nov 04, 2016

safety groupJust-released results show workplaces belonging to WSPS' 2015 Safety Group reduced their injury frequency rate by 7% and their severity rate by 11%. In the process they earned a collective $6.2 million WSIB rebate. Become a member and you could achieve similar results.

"For 2015, WSPS' Safety Group earned the largest rebate of any group participating in the WSIB Safety Groups program," says Lisa Graham, WSPS' Safety Group program lead.

Safety Groups is an annual performance-based rebate program developed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Businesses join for one calendar year at a time, and during that year they work collectively on five health and safety program elements that help reduce injury frequency and severity, often achieving dramatic results.

From a list of 50 elements, each member selects four to work on that they think will improve their health and safety performance. All members also work on a fifth common element. WSPS Safety Group members learn how to implement the elements at local meetings facilitated by WSPS consultants who share their expertise, direct the members to WSPS resources, and encourage them to exchange ideas and best practices with each other.

"It's a proven way to improve your safety performance," says Lisa. "You're building a customized health and safety program step by step, with support from an experienced consultant and people like you who are going through the same process. Many member firms have already registered for our 2017 Safety Group."

The deadline to register for 2017: December 31.

Already a member?

If you already belong to WSPS' Safety Group, invite clients, suppliers and other firms to join. "Existing members are among our most enthusiastic promoters because they've seen the results," says Lisa. "They also welcome new members because they bring fresh ideas. This helps everyone improve their health and safety performance."

Find out more today

  1. Check out our Safety Group page for a program overview.
  2. Watch a 5-minute pre-recorded webinar.
  3. Curious about implementing a management system approach to health and safety? Learn more about WSPS' management system consulting - a systematic and proactive approach to workplace health, safety and wellness that promotes process consistency, efficiency, continual improvement and employee engagement.