Improving agriculture safety

Feb 05, 2018

Volunteer Profile: Bob Woolvett Volunteer Profile: Bob Woolvett

Like so many from the Sarnia area, Bob Woolvett began his career at the city's Imperial Oil refinery. In his spare time he farmed and spent time with family. Collectively these set him on a path of compassion and concern for worker safety.

With two kids and 10 grandchildren, Bob has a lot to be thankful for. These blessings act as strong reminders for why safety on the job is so important. "There are a lot of risks when working on farms and in industry. Any injury or death is devastating. If I can help prevent injury to a child or worker then my passion is fulfilled and my time well spent."

Now retired, he remains committed to safety and connected to agriculture with the help of WSPS.

Bob has been volunteering with WSPS for the past two years, sitting on the WSPS Rural Volunteer Advisory Group. In this role he represents the Lambton Farm Safety Association, of which he is currently Chair, sharing valuable insights on farm life and ideas on how to better enhance and improve safety prevention within the agriculture sector in Ontario. He, along with other Committee members, also work to promote and present safety presentations in the agriculture community.

Bob sees volunteering with WSPS as a win-win situation. "As much as my volunteering helps better the safety of workers in my community and across the province, I am grateful for the many opportunities it provides me." Some of the benefits he lists include remaining connected to the world of work, continuing to grow his health and safety knowledge, and meeting individuals who share his passion.

WSPS' focus on prevention is what motivated Bob to volunteer with the organization. He lists the organization's desire to listen and learn as things that make him stay. "I truly believe that injuries can be prevented by proper education and open communication," says Bob. "WSPS' work with the agricultural community allows me to make a difference."

In addition to his volunteer work with WSPS, Bob holds the esteemed role of elected Municipal Councillor for the Town of Plympton-Wyoming.