Technical Consulting


WSPS offers technical consulting services in four primary subject areas: Occupational Hygiene, Ergonomics, Machine Safety & Robotics, and Warehouse/Racking safety. We have customized health and safety solutions to meet your workplace needs.

These areas are vital components of WSPS's mission to improve the quality of life in workplaces and communities. Our consultants use WSPS's unique consulting approach to consider each case individually, providing recommendations based on legislated requirements, good engineering practices included in CSA standards and working with you to implement feasible solutions.

The services we offer include:

  • Qualitative review of workplace hazards
  • Quantitative assessment of risk in critical categories
  • Detailed consultations with your key stakeholders to insure the internal responsibility system requirements are met
  • Facilitated assessments
  • Assessments in:
    • Ergonomics factors in office and industrial environments
    • Aspects of Machine and Robot safety
    • Warehouse and racking overview
    • Air quality and noise exposure
  • Comprehensive hazard assessment reports and recommendations
  • Assistance in developing systematic, written health and safety program procedures
  • Personalized or Customized on-site training
  • If we don't have the service, we can advise you where the expertise resides to meet your needs

Wagish Yajaman, BSc, CIH, Occupational Hygiene Specialist

"The specialist on this team have years of training and experience to share with you. Skills honed in different industries and varied workplaces to help bring the best solution that fits your needs. Imparting up to date knowledge that you and your team can benefit in making your workplace healthier and safer."Wagish Yajaman, BSc, CIH, CRSP Supervisor, Technical Service Team


Consulting Solutions

Occupational Hygiene

Occupational Hygiene

The credentials of our occupational hygienists include Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), recognized worldwide, Registered Occupational Hygienist (ROH), the Canada-wide designation in occupational hygiene, and Professional Engineer (P.Eng).

Ergonomics Consulting


WSPS can assist you with implementing an ergonomics program. We also offer ergonomics training, consulting and assessments. Credentialed experts that bring meaningful change to each work space that your employees interact with.

Machine Safety & Robotics

Machine Safety & Robotics

Our technical specialists will work with you to: Review your program to ensure your practices align with current legislation; Assess and evaluate the risks associated with your robotic safety applications; Discuss control measures to mitigate the risks; Provide support in implementing corrective action. Professional engineers that take you from Lock Out, Tag Out to safely working with Collaborative Robots. The future is here.

Warehouse Safety

Warehouse Safety

WSPS offers a variety of solutions to help your supervisors get up-to-speed on what they need to know to work safely in a warehouse. With years of experience in the field and making it simple to follow. A recognized expert in Canada through participation in the CSA committees.