2016 Annual Report

WSPS 2015 Annual Report

The theme of the 2016 Annual Report is Leading the Way, which recognizes how WSPS, its employees, volunteers, partners and other stakeholders are creating new directions for keeping Ontario workers healthy and safe.

The report showcases successes achieved through the various channels WSPS uses to reach businesses and workers across the province. It also provides an update on how WSPS targets its approach to the manufacturing/industrial, service and agriculture sectors, and financial results for the year.


About the theme

Leading the Way is about creating a path to follow - setting a clear direction and making informed choices. Ever-evolving to explore new ways of delivering on our mission, we are equally committed to remaining true to our core values. Join us on our journey.



WSPS 2016 Annual Report

WSPS 2016 Annual Report

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ANAB Certificate

WSPS ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Our ISO 9001:2008 certification sets us apart and signifies our commitment to quality across all our processes, from identifying customer needs to developing and delivering targeted solutions.


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Success Stories


Guides on the Management Systems Journey

Our People AIM Environmental Group, Inc. said they wanted to be leaders in health and safety - not followers. Since 2012, WSPS and its partners at IHSA have been assisting AIM’s subsidiary company, Wellington Organix Inc., operators of the City of Guelph's Organic Waste Processing Facility, in developing and implementing its health and safety system. The culmination was achieving Certificate of Recognition (COR™) certification in 2014. WSPS is now assisting AIM Environmental Group in securing COR™ designation at other AIM-operated facilities.

Helping employers recognize the advantages of a systematic approach to H&S is the first step. With the anticipated arrival of the new standard ISO 45001, Occupational health and safety management systems, the growing supply chain advantage of programs such as COR™, and criteria for accreditation of H&S management systems expected within the year, more companies are coming on board. In 2016, WSPS increased its focus on management systems, building capacity to assist these customers in realizing their goals.


Providing health and safety thought leadership

CEO Health + Safety Leadership NetworkThere is a growing body of evidence to show how the human brain functions can have a significant impact on decision-making and judgment, and can play a role in workplace incidents. The discussion and debate on this topic that took place at the October 2016 CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network roundtable was the focus of a recent white paper, initiated by WSPS.

"I am very interested in the concept of Brain-centric Reliability™," says network member Adel Mir, President of Lincoln Electric Company of Canada. "This opened my eyes to the dangers of repetitive jobs."

The CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network is an ever-expanding group of senior industry leaders, representing top tier organizations. Members are committed to learning and sharing experiences, and using their influence to spread the health and safety message across the province and country. Established through the efforts of WSPS in 2014, the group has tackled timely subjects such as on-the-job mindfulness, workplace mental health, and integrating health and safety into the board agenda. White papers offering insight on these topics are available at ceohsnetwork.ca.


Encouraging those on farms to Stop Think Act

Stop Think Act In collaboration with the Esso commercial fuel resellers of Imperial Oil, WSPS and its network of rural volunteers are helping farmers, agriculture workers and farm families keep safe through a program called Stop Think Act (STA).

As a component of Imperial’s own well-established safety program, STA recognizes that behavioural safety is key to creating a safety culture. It is a simple, yet powerful behaviour-based safety program that encourages people to consider the task at hand and ask themselves how their own actions could contribute to a safe and productive outcome. Using a self-questioning methodology, the program advises people to think carefully about how they are about to perform a task and stop if it can’t be done safely.

WSPS rural volunteers are being trained as Stop Think Act ambassadors on an ongoing basis, in partnership with Imperial. In the six months since the initial training, the Stop Think Act message has been shared with almost 4,000 farmers, and plans are in place to reach another 5,000 in 2017. 

"I am a farmer myself, with a family I want to keep safe," says Anne Anger, Chair of the WSPS Rural Volunteer Agriculture Group and Stop Think Act Ambassador. "In my family, it started around the dinner table, talking about the program. It materialized into proof a few weeks later, when my 17-year-old son - a future farmer - told me he thought about our conversation and made a different, safer choice. Wow!"


Advancing the management of workplace risks

Our Partners


"CSA Group and WSPS share a mutual commitment to the prevention of workplace injuries, leveraging the talent and expertise of both organizations to achieve this important objective."

Mary Cianchetti President, Standards, CSA Group

The release of the co-branded CSA Z432-16, Safeguarding of Machinery course, in early 2017 represents the latest accomplishment in the ongoing collaboration between WSPS and strategic partner CSA Group. The two organizations established an agreement in 2004 and since then, they have developed six courses together and educated approximately 8,500 participants on high hazard topics.

CSA Group is a global leader in the development of safety standards. Approximately 20 WSPS technical experts share their knowledge and expertise on CSA standards development committees on an ongoing basis. The mission of the WSPS and CSA Group collaboration is to increase awareness of the health and safety mandate, and reduce occupational injury and illness by jointly working on training, events and other projects.

In addition to course development, WSPS and CSA Group continually look for other ways to work together and make a difference. Over the years, they have co-sponsored and organized seven conferences on topics such as Electrical Safety, Machine Safety and Warehouse Safety, and they regularly contribute to each other’s annual conferences.


#SimpleSafetySolutions for Small Businesses

Innovation and TechnologyWhen it comes to health and safety, small businesses have unique challenges. With limited time and resources, small business owners may find it challenging to get a hold of OHS resources that are relevant to their specific needs. To address this gap, WSPS and strategic partners collaborate each October in engaging small operators during Canadian Small Business Week.

With the theme “Health and safety doesn’t have to be complicated” and the social media hashtag #SimpleSafetySolutions, the goal of the 2016 campaign was to drive small businesses to WSPS.ca for free, easy-to-use occupational health and safety resources, including sector-specific road maps, a self-assessment tool and a health and safety calculator. The website also offers downloadable safety tip videos and infographic posters on top hazards.

WSPS let small businesses know about the resources through a direct marketing email campaign, with special outreach to industries most vulnerable to the hazards. The campaign was also prominently featured on social media, with content and resources shared by WSPS on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. As a result of the collective outreach, more than 17,000 resources were accessed from the WSPS website and put into the hands of small business operators.